How Are Diverse Voters Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

Who Are the Diverse Americans Engaged with Coronavirus Content?

Diverse American Voters Respond to the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve been keeping a pulse on real-time voter sentiment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and we’ve seen that the impact of this crisis is playing out differently across diverse voter segments.

We looked at specific nuances in the data as it relates to Hispanic and Black Americans and those that are engaged with coronavirus. Using our National Voter Study™, we set out to survey their levels of engagement with coronavirus data and their concerns regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their lifestyle, everyday precautions and their support of both the government and public policy.

We used Resonate’s proprietary data to look at three audiences: Spanish-speaking Hispanic adults, Spanish and English-speaking adults and Black adults.

Learn about how COVID-19 has affected these groups in our latest real-time report, Who Are the Diverse Voting Populations Engaged with Coronavirus Content?

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