Star Tribune


  • Newspaper industry declining for more than 15 years
  • One-third of large U.S. newspapers suffered layoffs since 2017
  • Digital advertising revenue across all outlets, including news, growing and comprising 44% of all advertising revenue


The Star Tribune is a daily print newspaper and online news site in Minnesota. As the largest newspaper in the state, it’s read by 1.4 million adults every week and online. The Star Tribune came to Resonate to:

  • Differentiate itself in the market
  • Scale ad sales revenue
  • Maximize yields and increase retention rates by helping their advertisers better understand consumer audiences


Star Tribune tapped into Resonate’s real-time consumer insights, proprietary data and DMP functionality—all built into one easy-to-use SaaS solution.

With the Resonate Platform, Star Tribune was able to:

  • Build more accurate custom audiences for advertisers
  • Provide advertisers with strategic insights, actionable data and reports
  • Reduce third-party data costs
  • Increase digital revenue


  • 90 days to complete insights to activation rollout
  • 51% saved on data costs
  • 20%-40% increase in RPM when utilizing Resonate data for enhancing advertising buys
  • 15% increase in digital revenue YoY (30% directly attributed to Resonate)

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