Just Released: Target Undecided Voters During These Critical Final Weeks

72% of Americans have not voted yet. 52% of voters believe Biden will win on November 3. 

Does that mean the election is over?  

Not even close. Two weeks remain and the American electorate has experienced a canceled Presidential debate, the potential confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice and an ongoing barrage of campaign ads.  

So, while the days are few, the swings in voter sentiment are sure to be many. If you’re going to connect with those voters who are still undecided – and the 72% that have not yet voted – you need messaging that takes into account the issues that matter today. 

Connect with Consumers and Voters on a Deeper Level 

We’ve been closely tracking consumer and voter sentiment since March with AI-driven insights scaled to 200 million U.S. consumers. Resonate’s Wave 9 data digs into the data relevant to your campaign now, including social justice, perception of political ads, including on Facebook, and, of course, the election.  

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