Win with Voter Targeting Fueled by Real-Time Voter Intelligence

This is not the year to rely on two-dimensional, static voter files. Winning requires access to the freshest voter data and insights. Our AI-driven voter intelligence includes thousands of attributes including ideology, policy orientation, candidate and platform support, engagement issues, media sources, voting behavior, social media consumption and more.

Resonate is the only voter research and managed media company that updates this robust voter profile data nightly to ensure you’re leveraging the most updated voter sentiment for your political advertising campaign.

Expert Managed Media Team to Build & Activate AI-Driven Voter Targeting

Campaigns that win need rapid-response action, precise targeting and powerful insights to inspire messaging that drives the vote. Our highly experienced managed media team helps you quickly and efficiently build and activate highly targeted voter segments.

Contact us today to learn how the freshest, deepest voter insights are activated to lead your campaign to victory. Your victory on election night relies on it.  Our team is standing by 24/7 to launch your campaigns, call us today: 855-855-4320