3 Steps You Need To Take For Better Storytelling

Publishers have access to a lot of first-party data about their audiences, including web behavior, app registrations and email sign-ups. While this is helpful, it doesn’t communicate an entire story to advertisers about their audiences beyond clicks and pageviews. It’s time for publishers to gain a deeper understanding of these consumers’ values, motivations and intent to buy—which will lead to stronger, more valuable partnerships with advertisers.

Here are three steps for publishers to tell a better audience story:

  1. Collect available data

Gather data from all available channels. It’s important to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing across digital touchpoints. Look deep into their content preferences to weave together a story that explains why they engage with specific articles or advertisements.

  1. Look beyond first-party data

Dive deeper than surface-level demographics like age and gender to gain insights about your audience’s shopping behaviors and purchase drivers. This deep understanding of why they do what they do helps deliver highly targeted audiences with successful outcomes for advertisers.

  1. Track and analyze results

Effectively targeting high-performing segments for advertisers is only half the battle. The next step is tracking and analyzing the outcomes. Track the effectiveness of various messaging and creative to learn how readers respond and make adjustments accordingly.

To tell a more effective audience story to advertisers, publishers must combine first-party data with deep insights to create a holistic view of the audience’s values and motivations. This strategy also allows for adjustments throughout the advertising partnership.

Publishers are telling better audience stories through Resonate’s robust consumer insights platform, which has 12,000 attributes describing over 200 million individual U.S.-based adults. Media companies can differentiate themselves in the market by delivering these powerful insights about audiences in several different verticals to current and prospective advertisers. These insights reveal the “why” behind their daily decisions, including their values and motivations.

For more tips, read the full article on AdMonsters.

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