Featured in Digital Politics Podcast: Media Bubbles and Voter Behavior with Dan Scantlebury

What is a Media Bubble?

A media bubble is a defined segment of people who consume one type of content intensely and are isolated from content outside that specific worldview. It’s a major problem for political campaigns. Penetrating these isolated bubbles and disrupting the flow of narrow information with a message that resonates with the concerns of these voters presents a significant challenge.

Daniel Scantlebury, Vice President of Data Science and AI at Resonate, is a seasoned observer of human behavior. He uses his insights to better understand and predict voting behavior. In this age of media bubbles, how voters consume news and form opinions creates even more challenges for campaigns to reach them.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Use of Predictive Resonate Elements to target specific voter segments
  • Persuadable, swing, and disengaged voters
  • Educating clients about the use of AI in developing campaign media plans
  • Near real-time analysis of online voter behavior

Learn more about how Resonate empowers campaigns to step up their data-driven digital strategy to identify and disrupt Media Bubbles in real time. With Resonate, you’ll shift the conversation to reach, target, and bring out the swing voters who will determine the election. Get the full report. 


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