From Rushed to Resistant, Are Your Customers Ready to Reopen?

Summer’s Here, Phased Reopening Has Arrived and Consumers Are Faced With Big Decisions

Every day poses new questions for consumers as they navigate their level of comfort with the new normal, particularly as news stories remind us daily that the coronavirus pandemic is prevalent from coast to coast.

In our latest report, From Rushed to Resistant: How Eager Are Consumers to Reopen America?, we’re digging into the four distinct consumer segments that have emerged as stores, restaurants and other businesses move into phased reopening.

We’re looking at who exactly the Reopen Rushers, Reopen Ready, Reopen Reluctant and Reopen Resistant are, what makes them tick and how the pandemic has affected their day-to-day behavior and decision making.

You can download the full report here, but we’re giving you a sneak peek at the second-largest segment below. Reopen Reluctant consumers consist of 30.3 million American adults who feel safe doing a few in-person activities. In the infographic below, you’ll learn more about who they are, their interests, affiliations, demographics and values, as well as their specific attitudes towards pandemic precautions and the future of the new normal.

When you download the entire report, From Rushed to Resistant: How Eager Are Consumers to Reopen America?, you’ll do the same deep dive into each of the four segments and learn breaking insights into who your consumers are now and how you can effectively and empathetically target them today.

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