Gather ‘Round the Big Screen for Thanksgiving Football 2022

It’s no secret that America loves football on Thanksgiving. Last year, the NFL had its highest Thanksgiving ratings since 1990, with an average of 29.7 million viewers. This year, another football feast awaits fans this long weekend. We’re pumped to see our favorite players back on the screen. Leftovers are calling our name from the fridge (turkey and cranberry sandwich, anyone?). It’s the perfect recipe for a weekend on the couch yelling, “Touchdown!” 

Who’s Tuning into Thanksgiving Football Games? 

We decided to take a closer look at those who are tuning in to the weekend’s biggest NFL and college football games using the always-fresh rich data inside Resonate’s AI-powered Ignite platform. From their values to demographics to their holiday plans, these are the avid and enthusiastic sports viewers that brands and advertisers should aim to connect with throughout the rest of the season. 

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