Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Left-Wing Loyalists

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Left-Wing Loyalists

Introducing the Left-Wing Loyalists

Leveraging the industry’s most advanced machine learning models, our 2020 Voter Landscape has surgically divided the U.S. Electorate into seven voter segments based on their online behavior. Simply put, we removed human bias from the equation and let the math do the talking.

Flying West on the Voter Landscape, meet the Left-Wing Loyalists, a brazen liberal segment that’s had November 3rd, 2020 circled on the calendar since Trump’s inauguration. Let’s take a deeper look at this segment.

Meet the Left-Wing Loyalist: The Unabashed Liberal

The Left-Wing Loyalists are an online audience of 25 million U.S. voters who are active participants in the political process, whether it’s volunteering for a cause or donating to a non-profit or political candidate. They’re proud of the work they put in and they’re not afraid to publicly declare where they stand on the issues.

The Left-Wing Loyalists are a majority Generation X voter segment that’s primarily motivated by removing Trump from office. While these voters are largely supportive of voting by mail, at least half of them will take to the polls come November.

Campaign tip: at least half of this voter segment, or roughly 13 million voters, plan to vote in-person. Keeping these voters motivated and informed on local voting rules will be important

Online, you’re likely to find Left-Wing Loyalists engaging in political debates on social media. If the topic of debate is whether to reopen the country during the pandemic, these lefty voters will shut that idea down. Roughly 90% of this segment is resistant to reopen due to the Pandemic.

On the issues, the Left-Wing Loyalist is supportive of developing alternative energy sources to combat climate change. This a voter who values equality, dependability and safety, and expects their leaders to exemplify these values.

While safety is a top motivation for this segment, these voters won’t find a sense of security in a large military force, federal immigration task force or well-armed citizenship. When compared to your average voter, they are:

  • 175% more likely to want to abolish ICE
  • 105% more likely to support decreased military funding
  • 77% more likely to support enacting gun control

Compared to the average voter, the Left-Wing Loyalist is 202% more likely to closely follow policy issues

Some other issues that will resonate with our Left-Wing Loyalist segment are:

  • Improving public transportation services
  • Lowering prescription drug prices
  • Promoting civil liberties

For Democratic campaigns in tight races, the Left-Wing Loyalists should be encouraged to serve as campaign ambassadors in the final days. This highly vocal, informed, and the engaged liberal segment would welcome a call to action to mobilize other voters to get out and support your candidate.

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Left-Wing Loyalists

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