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Resonate Tags: Truly Understand Your Site Visitors

Most brands feel they have a solid understanding of their customers and prospects. While the odds are that you probably know a lot, you could be missing the complete picture of who these people are and why they are motivated to engage and buy.  The good news is you can fill in the gaps by utilizing Resonate’s Tagging solution.

Let’s say you’re a retailer who is trying to understand the media consumption habits and product preferences of the various consumers who are visiting their site. CRM and purchasing data alone won’t reveal this information. By placing a Resonate Tag on your website, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of insights to help you better understand what values, motivations and beliefs your customer base has. From there you can use those insights to inform your targeting and improve messaging strategies.

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Place a Resonate Tag on your Website

A Tag is an image pixel that, once placed onto your website, will collect data about your website visitors.

Once your Tag has fired 2,000 unique times on a given web page, the data is then ready to be analyzed in the Resonate platform.

Step 2: Analyze your Tag Audience

Using our Analyze tab within the platform, you can get a complete view of your site visitors.  There’s a lot of data to comb through!  We’ve got over 7,000 attributes in total.  But don’t panic. We provide multiple ways to digest all that data into snackable insights.

Our Insights Summary View Report shows insights on our most popular attributes such as Gender, Age Group, Household income, Media Consumption Habits, Consumer Behaviors, and a Category Section which lets you explore insights for your audience by category; such as personal values, product preferences, corporate responsibilities.

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There are five other reports that by default will show insights on our summary attributes just mentioned.  While these reports are  great for viewing the most popular traits for any given audience, if you’re looking for specific data points that you want to analyze such as Social Media usage or Coupon Usage, our Filter Insights panel is there to allow you to dive deeper.

Step 3: Filter the Insights

Let’s run with the example of wanting to see what your site visitors’ Social Media habits are. The Filter Insights button is where you can choose which insights – by category – you wish to view at any given time.  All 7,000+ of our attributes are in the panel for easy access.

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Once you filter for a specific set of data – such as Social Media – you’ll immediately be able to see information such as whether or not Snapchat highly indexes with the people who come to your website or if they are most likely to post and share opinions on social media.

If you’re a retailer looking to understand what your website visitors care about when it comes to product preferences and media consumption, using the Filter Insights panel is the quickest way to do a deep dive specifically into those insights.

Knowing this kind of information will inform your social strategy and help justify allocating funds to advertising on certain channels depending on the audience.

What’s the Benefit?

Resonate Tags will provide you with a more detailed and complete understanding of who is engaging with your brand on your site. By Tagging your website and using Resonate’s platform, you’ll have access to an unprecedented amount of information on your customers and prospects. This data will shed light on potential targets that you aren’t currently aware of, and also can provide additional insight into your most loyal customers to keep them engaged.

By knowing information such as product preferences, shopping behaviors and media consumption habits, you can more effectively target and engage your site visitors with messaging and experiences that are most meaningful to them.  This will result in more targeted strategies that speak to them on a personal level and inspire them to convert and buy.