The Top 5 Issues for DeSantis Supporters vs Trump Voters

DeSantis Presidency Announcement

After the glitches were sorted out, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threw his hat into the ring for the 2024 Presidential race during a Twitter Spaces event with Twitter Owner, Elon Musk. After weeks of conjecture, anticipation and headlines, Gov. DeSantis joins six Republicans and three Democrats who already have announced they will vie for the US Presidency. 

For the last few months, Gov. DeSantis has been traveling the country locking in endorsements and raising money for the race. He is widely considered the only Republican who poses a real threat to the current Republican frontrunner, former President Donald J. Trump.  

In this post, we tapped into Resonate AI-powered data to look at these frontrunners only. The Resonate, “rAI,” data engine is a massive, best-in-class, real-time data processing infrastructure, AI and machine learning hub and a robust identity graph. It offers an endless supply of fresh, hyper-relevant data that is easily accessible in minutes.  

Resonate data is “hot-off-the-presses,” so to speak, because it is refreshed continuously. Here’s what we found when we quickly created two audiences. The first is made up of people who voted for former President Trump in 2020, which we named “Trump Republicans & Independents.” The second is made up of people who answered “Gov. DeSantis” when asked, “If the Republican primary were held today, who would you vote for?” We named this audience “DeSantis Republicans & Independents.”  

DeSantis Republicans & Independents

As you can see in the chart, Resonate data shows that former Pres. Trump’s audience of addressable online adults is 58.5M compared to Gov. DeSantis’ 16.1M. This may be why, according to CNN, Gov. DeSantis’ “… team is plotting an unpredictable, relentless blitz of the political map designed to quickly get him in front of thousands of primary voters…” The same story said he wants to “… stir the pot and invite contrasts between [himself and] the campaigns of his older rivals – former President Donald Trump, the current GOP front-runner, and President Joe Biden.” 

It likely will be more difficult for Gov. DeSantis to differentiate himself from former President Trump given how closely their audiences align on most of the top five most important issues to them. As we shared, of the top five issues, their audiences are closely aligned on three of them: Developing Traditional Energy Sources, Strengthening Foreign Policy & Defense and Defending Traditional Marriage. 

And those aren’t the only things they align on: 

DeSantis Presidency Announcement_Trump Supporters

You can use Resonate’s fresh, privacy-safe data to understand the issues that resonate most with persuadable audiences like these and immediately target them across all programmatic formats: CTV, pre-roll, audio, display, etc. to gain an edge over the competition. 

The countdown is on! 

It is only 13 ½ months until the Republicans choose their nominee and 14 ½ months until the Democrats choose theirs. We look forward to keeping an eye on all of the candidates and American’ top issues throughout the 2024 election process! 

Stay tuned! 

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