Better insights for a
better customer engagement

Direct onboarding to power up and personalize your marketing

Resonate Direct Data Onboarding connects your first-party audiences to 14,000+ insights that provide a holistic understanding of your customers to support data-driven, personalized marketing across all channels.

Data Onboarding

Unlock the hidden potential of your first-party data

360-degree view of your customer

Privacy-safe, first-party data strategy leveraging Resonate’s 230M nightly updated individual consumer profiles.

More Effective Personalization

Continuously updated

Continuously updated & holistic understanding of your customers from behavioral signals from outside your firewalls.

More effective personalization

Meaningful insights that create personalized experiences.

Power Insights into Action

Power insights into action

Activate at scale across both digital and direct mail channels, plus measure results.

Insights on anything

Enrichment of your CTV, CRM, Mobile App, Website or Media data improves your understanding of your audience and results in better performance across all channels.

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Data append

Leverage our data append to upload Resonate consumer attributes or segments into your database inside your firewall to enrich your existing data to improve your understanding of customers and prospects.

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Data onboarding resources

Power a More Personalized World with AI-Driven 1P Data

Resonate’s 1P data enrichment reveals 14,000+ attributes on your customers.


[FYI GUIDE]: Bring Your Customer & Prospect Data to Life

A deep, meaningful understanding of people from outside the walls of your brand.


[FYI GUIDE]: Complete Your Consumer Understanding

Quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.


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AI-powered data provides a powerful understanding of your customers that improves marketing performance throughout the lifecycle. Connect with us to learn more.

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