Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Credit Card Holders: A Deep Dive Analysis

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We took a look at credit card holders of the four major networks to identify the differences in their preferences and consumer behaviors. While American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa all offer a variety of credit cards, their card holders can’t all be targeted the same way. To increase relevance and engagement, businesses need to get a handle on consumers’ individual underlying values, motivators and purchase drivers.

We took a look at our proprietary data to delve into what makes each network’s card holders unique from one another. We pulled together a chart with the most interesting and unique data per network to assess how best to reach them.

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Personal Motivation (1)

Prioritize financial stability and longevity & health in their personal life Personally place highest value on self-image and self-preservation Place high importance on their community reflecting their own beliefs Consider themselves to be patriotic and socially responsible

Media Consumption Habits (3)

Most likely group to use Foursquare and Linkedin as social media platforms Least engaged group of card holders on social media Heaviest group of social media users Least likely group to be online less than one hour a week
Most likely group to use business tools and productivity apps Least likely group to use travel apps Most likely group to use music players & storage apps Most likely group to use navigation apps
Group most inclined to read books and magazines on their phones Most likely group to make purchases on a desktop Group that is most inclined to shop but not buy on their tablet Most likely group to visit websites on their mobile phone

Product Preferences (2)

Prefer products that are produced sustainability Search for products that are durable Buy products that are dependable Purchase products that are healthy
Most inclined to purchase products that are high quality Most inclined to buy products that are practical for everyday use Value products that are time-saving Seek out products that are innovative

Hobbies (3)

Stock trading Investing in stocks and bonds Playing the lottery Playing Fantasy Sports
Golfing Skiing Auto and motorcycle racing Visiting spas/resorts
Visiting museums and performing arts centers Collecting music Taking cruise vacations Traveling both domestically and internationally

Financial Habits (3)

Group that most inclined to feel that banks have too many fees Least likely group to use online banking Group that doesn’t view switching banks as being a hassle Least likely group to value their bank knowing them personally
Most likely group to prefer a national bank to a local one Group most likely to prefer a local bank over a national one Most likely to want to consolidate their bank accounts Group that doesn’t see much value in getting help from bank in setting financial goals
Most apt to agree that their bank of choice helps with their financial goals Most likely to not feel valued by their bank Least likely group to value their nearby bank branch Most apt to value having a bank branch nearby

Restaurant Preferences (2)

Most likely to have visited Tropical Smoothie in the past month Most likely to visited Chick-Fil-A in the past month Most likely to have visited Chipotle in the past month Most likely to have visited Dunkin Donuts in the past month
Most likely to have eaten fast food at least once in the past month Most likely group to dine out as a treat Most likely group to dine out to take a break from cooking and cleaning Most likely group to dine out at a restaurant that has quick service

Here’s a quick demographic breakout of these various card holders by network:

Credit Card Holder Demos Image

We know what you’re thinking…”okay so how does this help me?” It’s time for brands to acknowledge that they don’t know who their target consumers are as people. Digging deeper into what makes these card holders unique as individuals will help inform messaging and targeting strategies that will get them engaged. If brands can Gain a solid understanding of the various card holders they are targeting, then they will be set up for best success in the future.

Resonate is here to help you better understand, target, reach, engage and convert target consumer audiences in real time by understanding the underlying motivations and values that drive their decisions to buy or support certain brands and retailers. We’re ready to help you understand the “Why” behind your target card holders so that you can better influence their purchasing behavior and decision making with your next campaign.

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