A Sales Engineer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Coronavirus Consumer Research

A Sales Engineer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Coronavirus Consumer Research

Resonate Sales Engineer Rose Elam has been on the forefront of disseminating targeted coronavirus consumer research across verticals. Today, she’s sharing the process that’s enabled Resonate to bring real-time data to our customers.

Providing Niche Coronavirus Consumer Research Within Days, Not Weeks

In early March, Resonate identified an immediate and pressing need for our customers to better understand key audiences that were beginning to be impacted by COVID-19. Though a large in-field flash study around COVID-19 was being developed at the time, we knew that a Contextual Study would fill that need by providing insights on niche audiences with a relatively quick turnaround time.

Contextual Studies parse key-word information from ad-supported sites to understand the visitors who are spending time on those sites. After conducting these studies and pushing them into our ignite platform, we can learn 13K insights about key audiences that will in turn help inform our client’s messaging strategies, campaign planning, and potential activation.

Serving Customer Needs Quickly With a Knowledgeable Cross-Functional Team

Understanding the growing need for insights during this turbulent time as well as our underlying responsibility to our partners, we offered to conduct contextual studies for our current clients free of charge. We were immediately inundated with requests as our clients were hungry for information.

We received a variety of requests from our clients, everything from “Who is looking to make outdoor living renovations during quarantine?” to “who is reading about mail-in voting options?” to even “who is researching alcohol delivery services?”

With the volume and variety of requests, we had to quickly train and assemble a team to ensure that we were acting with the utmost haste and in the most strategic manner possible. We pulled together a cross-functional team composed of Analytics, Sales Engineers, and Customer Success Analysts- who then all had to work in tandem to quickly put into a place a process to categorize all incoming request and then systematically execute each individual contextual query. Within the first week alone, the team processed over 37 Contextual Studies.

At this point in time, 58 Contextual Studies have processed and pushed into our Ignite Platform for all clients to access and we plan to continue to offer these to clients for the foreseeable future. Learn more about the coronavirus-specific data and insights that Resonate offers here.

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