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The only thing that is consistent is change. You better have the data that helps you keep pace.

Inflation, recession, pandemic, politics, consumer sentiment, behavior and intent are evolving. Resonate Recent Events data keeps you on track. Our market research is fielded every few weeks to capture consumer change as it’s happening. This input is processed through our AI-data engine and scaled to the U.S. adult population, so you can make the right decision in the moment. 

Research on current events available for immediate activation

Current events study in Resonate Ignite Platform

Deepen your understanding of how your customers and prospects are reacting to emerging issues to drive decision-making that gives you an edge during uncertain times.

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Understand how consumers feel about pressing issues

Easily onboard your first-party data to learn how your customers and prospects are reacting during a crisis or world event. Empower your team with better decision-making to drive better engagement.

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Continuous Consumer Research

Connected consumer research

Leverage 40+ cross-industry Contextual Studies in the platform including inflation, the possibility of war, safe investments during difficult times, financial anxiety around unpaid leave, and more.

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Current event resources

Understand & Act with Pulse of the Consumer Research

Economic downturn fears are keeping leaders up at night. Read the latest insights.

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Data to Create Opportunity Out of Uncertainty

If anything is certain, it is that everything is uncertain. Where do Americans stand today?

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