What You Need to Know About Consumers & COVID-19

Access Insights from the Largest National Consumer Study on the Impact of COVID-19 and Connect New Data Directly Into Your Ecosystem

The consumer landscape is evolving rapidly in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. You need to understand and adjust your engagement strategy accordingly. To do so, you need more than another report on COVID-19. You need the most comprehensive study of consumer reaction to COVID-19 scaled to the entire U.S. adult population and integrated into your marketing ecosystem for direct action.

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Resonate Has COVID-19 Research Available for Immediate Insights & Activation

COVID-19 Study in Resonate Ignite Platform

Your first party data becomes even more powerful when combined with new consumer audiences developed with COVID-19 data and insights for use in research, analysis and brand activation. Deepen your understanding of how your customers and prospects are reacting to this crisis to drive decision-making that gives you an edge during uncertain times.

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Understand How Your Customers & Prospects Feel About COVID-19

Easily onboard your first-party data from your CRM, website and more to learn how your specific customers and prospects are reacting during this crisis. Empower your team with better decision-making to drive better engagement.

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COVID-19 Connected Contextual Studies

By capturing 10 billion events nightly and leveraging NLP to analyze the content, we are able to distill relevant data on audiences consuming COVID-19 content and connect it to thousands of additional attributes for analysis and activation. There are more than 40, cross-industry Contextual Studies ready in the platform today including: caring for elderly parents, children’s mental health during social distancing, coronavirus and travel plans, safe investments during risky times, financial anxiety around unpaid leave, hygiene and COVID-19 and many, many more

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5 in 5 Video Series: Your Quick Guide to Consumers & COVID-19

How brands and agencies can utilize consumer intelligence to communicate with customers and prospects during a crisis.

5 Key Insights From Our COVID-19 Report

Major takeaways to know about understanding consumer sentiment during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How media companies navigate these uncertain times and leverage the increase in traffic for future opportunities.

5 Ways Traditional Syndicated Research Lets You Down

Why outdated research from other companies can’t keep up with the real-time, continuously updated, AI-driven research that Resonate provides.

5 Takeaways on Navigating the Shift in Voter Values

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented uncertainty, and many U.S. voters have reevaluated what matters. What does a possible shift in values mean for the American electorate?

5 Behind-the Scenes Insights About Coronavirus Research

A sales engineer is sharing the process that’s enabled Resonate to bring real-time data to our customers.


5 Ways to Pivot Your Content Marketing During COVID-19 and Beyond

5 Ways to Leverage Your Activation Data to Crush Campaign Goals

5 Ways to Leverage Your Activation Data to Crush Campaign Goals

5 Key Insights on Consumers and COVID-19

5 Key Insights on Consumers and COVID-19

5 Ways to Stay Customer Obsessed During COVID-19

5 Ways to Stay Customer Obsessed During COVID-19

COVID-19 Insight Resources

[Webinar] Reopening America: Where U.S. Consumers Stand Today

A look at the third wave of our report revealing American’s readiness to move forward within the ‘new normal’.

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[Report] Now Available: Wave 3 Data on Consumers and COVID-19

Access the freshest wave of data on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on consumers. Plus, compare trending insights from the last 3 months.

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[Webinar] Impact on Personal Finance

Consumers are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic from their wallets to their retirement accounts. What now?

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[Webinar] Consumers in Crisis

Actionable moves you can make to retain, attract and engage consumers and how A.I. driven research is key to navigating an evolving marketplace.

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[Video] 5 in 5: Consumers & COVID-19

Tune in to conversations about data intelligence and insights you can use NOW to navigate consumer turbulence.

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[Webinar] Overcoming Consumer Fear

COVID-19 has stoked anxiety and fear in consumers across economic and demographic divisions, disrupting the way we approach marketing.

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[Executive Brief] The Economic Impact of Covid-19

We looked at the analysis of four groups of consumers to gain insight on how banks and lenders can connect with customers and prospects during this critical time.

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