Domino’s Gave Away Gift Cards to Small Businesses in Move Rooted in Consumer Values

Successful marketing efforts are measured in KPIs, but that success is driven by something less rooted in numbers: values and behaviors. Knowing who your customers are demographically is helpful. So is knowing their buying patterns. But, more important, is understanding why they buy and what motivates them. This gives you the power to tap into deeper connections and build relationships that go beyond a single purchase. They build brand affinity and loyalty.

How Domino’s Connected With Customers By Giving Away Gift Cards…to Other Restaurants

Domino’s Q4 2021 campaign demonstrates this consumer value connection with an interesting twist. They tapped into their customers’ motivations and drivers by offering them gift cards not to Domino’s, but to local small restaurants. This campaign set out to build awareness around the negative impact of third-party food delivery services and the high 10-30% services charges that affect restaurants, particularly small businesses.

We looked at consumers who have ordered Domino’s in the past month to see why it worked.

Domino’s customers are 60% more likely to order food delivery more than once a week

Third-party food delivery services don’t only hurt small businesses’ bottom line, they hurt any business’ bottom line. That’s why Domino’s set out on this campaign, which would seem counterintuitive. Giving gift cards to other businesses? Isn’t that crazy? Not when you consider the rate at which their customers are ordering delivery. If they can educate these customers not to use food delivery services, then they’ll quickly make back the money they put into the gift cards.

Meanwhile, they’re 27% less likely than the average consumer not to have used food delivery in the last year.

domino's gift cards

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, January 2022

Domino’s customers are 10% more likely to care about shopping local

Knowing that Domino’s customers are more likely to use food delivery services is one thing, but why should they care about food delivery fees that don’t personally affect them? Looking at the data, Domino’s customers are 10% more likely than the average consumer to consider independent and locally owned businesses a key shopping factor.

These customers care about supporting their local economy and a gift card promotion to support local businesses, even when it comes from a major chain, is going to drive home consumer connection and build relationships that go deeper than a $9.99 pizza.

domino's gift cards

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, January 2022

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