Nailed It! Two Winning Brand Collaborations and Why They Work, Backed by Data

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You’ve probably heard the adage that two heads are better than one. But then I think of powerhouse brand collabs that tanked, like the 2014 partnership between U2 and Apple…yikes. What makes a brand partnership work for both companies and their audiences? Some would say magic. 

The team at Brandfolder recently published a blog covering five winning brand collaborations and exactly why they loved those particular mashups. Today, we’re picking two of our favorites from their list and diving into their audiences to uncover why these unique campaigns resonated with them. Ready?   

The Collab: Postmates x TikTok  

Up first is the dynamic duo known as Postmates and TikTok. The apps joined forces in late 2020 to launch a menu created and prepared by locally-owned restaurants. The campaign featured some of the year’s most popular food trends on TikTok and was exclusive to the Los Angeles area.  

While looking at the audiences of both apps in California, we found that though quite different, both agree that they would purchase products more likely to be: luxurious, popular, and unique.  

Teal: Postmates Audience in CA | Red: TikTok Audience in CA

Purchase Drivers for TikTok and Postmates Audiences in CA

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, December 2021


Why it works  

We can check uniqueness off the list with exclusive, locally-sourced menu items, and few things are more popular than what’s trending on TikTok nowadays. Last but not least, one could argue that food delivery is one of the small luxuries of the 21st century. Check! 

The Collab: Shea Couleé x Goose Island   

Last year, season 5 Champion of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, Shea Couleé, partnered with Goose Island Brewery to launch a limited-edition original beer. Not only was the beverage described as fierce and flavorful, but the actual design of the can embodied it. The beer brand’s signature goose never looked more fabulous! 

But, the reason Brandfolder put its stamp of approval on the collab was because the campaign was all about promoting inclusivity and community (a portion of every purchase was donated to a Black-led LGBTQ center in Chicago).  

Let’s take a closer look at the personal values of this group of beer-loving RuPaul’s Drag Race watchers and see if they align with the intent of the campaign.

Top Values 
Security – Safety in Community & Nation 
Equality – Everyone Treated Equally 
Creativity – Freedom to be Creative

Why it works 

With 2 out of the top 3 values focusing on equality and safety, it’s clear that this specific audience values creating a supportive and inclusive community. It’s spot-on! The cherry on top? They love creativity, and the packaging on this beer is superbly original.   

From the What to the Why 

At first blush, an incredible campaign can look almost accidental, like magic. But when you start looking beyond the what and into why campaigns stick, you’ll see that an undertaking like brand collabs—each with their own personalities, nuanced audiences, and goals—can work! We’re long past needing Simon Sinek to tell us THE WHY matters. It’s what energizes, sustains, and pushes you and your creative to greatness. More importantly, it’s what resonates with your audience.   

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