[Report] Socially Responsible Investing Stands to Grow in 2021

[Report] Socially Responsible Investing Stands to Grow in 2021

Savvy investors know money holds the power to enact change for the greater good. So, it’s no surprise that socially responsible investing (SRI) has seen 40% growth year-over-year according to a study from US SIF.

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

When you think of investment decisions, your immediate thought goes to ROI. What’s going to bring the biggest profit? However, increasingly, we’re seeing investors choose to invest their money in companies and funds whose values align with a greater social purpose.

In the same way that we’re seeing consumers make values-based decisions with their wallets, investors are increasingly making values-based decisions with their assets. They care about whether a company practices corporate responsibility or if they invest any profits back into the community. Morgan Stanley released a striking article just this week detailing the urgent of the climate change crisis and the role investors can play in saving the world – and the economy.

Those guided by SRI don’t simply invest based on performance metrics, rather they look to make investment decisions that will both generate a financial return and align ethically with their values.

Learn More about the Investor Segments that Should be on Your SRI Radar.

Download our latest financial services report, The Growing Future of Socially Responsible Investing, to learn more about the emerging segment of investors with non-retirement investment assets valued over $500K who are interested in making investment decisions based on SRI. We’ll review their psychographics as they relate to financial services, their values and their charitable preferences, plus how those should inform your messaging and product decisions as SRI continues to play an increasing role in the investment world.


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