Tax Reform Advocacy Should Start Now

The time to act on tax reform is now. That’s not a pitch, it’s a fact.

Starting in the New Year would be starting late. DC influencers have already lined the halls of Congress seeking meetings on tax reform to ensure their business interests are well taken care of.

You may have seen this article in The Hill last week: Tax reform push sparks lobbying frenzy

Why have tax reform advocacy efforts already started before the 1115th Congress and President-elect Trump’s swearing in?

  • The President-elect and the Chairman of the Way and Means Committee want this bill done in the first 100 days of the new administration.
  • The Speaker of the House has said it’s his top priority.
  • Tax reform represents an excellent opportunity for the Republican Speaker to build a winning partnership with President-elect Trump.
  • A Republican controlled White House and Congress sets up 2017 to be the year of the most significant tax reform bill in an entire generation.

“We already put a plan out in a better way that is close to what President-elect Donald Trump’s plan is about. We are already having those discussions now. You will find during Christmas break when people leave Washington, Ways and Means will stay here, work on that plan now, so we can hit the ground running,” – House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy

With time of the essence, it’s important for organizations to get their persuasive messaging in front of the players leading tax reform in Congress. The Ways and Means Committee, the Speaker, other top tax policy experts. When their pen goes to paper on tax reform, influencers want their industry to be top of mind.

At Resonate, we get our clients through the door without ever having to set a meeting or set foot on Capitol Hill. Using precision targeting capabilities, we can place our clients’ persuasive ads directly in front of the committees and lawmakers responsible for deciding the winners and losers in a tax bill.

Public support and momentum can also dictate the final outcome of a tax bill that will surely be under a public and media spotlight. Since tax reform affects every individual and business in every corner of the country, public opinion will prove to be a critical piece in the Republicans’ game plan to push tax reform through and the Democrats’ plan to ensure their constituencies are protected.

When looking at the voting public at large, Resonate data shows:

  • 62% of voters believe taxes on households making 250k+ should be increased
  • Just 32% of voters believe capital gains taxes should be increased
  • 52% of voters believe the corporate tax rate is too high, while just 23% believe it is too low and 25% believe it’s appropriate….in the court of public opinion, Republicans have some work to do here.
  • When voting for their presidential candidate this election, tax policy was a top platform for 32% of voters

A tax reform bill passed next year could have the potential to influence American decades and even centuries to come and we should all be prepared to see the lobbying and advocacy efforts in DC reach unprecedented levels in the coming months.

As we saw in the November elections, having the right data and right strategy matters more than it ever has before…and the same is true in legislative advocacy efforts.

As Resonate pivots from politics to policy, we are dedicated to helping our clients win their advocacy campaigns with the best data in the industry, the same level of quality data that enabled our model to be 94% accurate on election night and helped over 400 campaigns win over voters.

Click here to learn more about how Resonate is helping political and advocacy organizations win their most competitive campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels.

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