Who are the Millennials Buying Hybrids? 3 Fast Facts to Know Now

Who are the millennials buying hybrids in the next 6 months? As an auto marketer working on your 2022 strategy, this question should drive your Q1 and Q2 planning. To successfully connect with an audience, you need a deep knowledge of their purchasing preferences, auto preferences, values, and when and what they plan to buy. We know that these millennials are planning on buying hybrids in the next 6 months — is your Q1-Q2 strategy speaking directly to them? To put things into ignition, let’s go over three fast facts to kick off your marketing to millennials buying hybrids.

Three Fast Facts on Millennials Buying Hybrids in the Next 6 Months

Fact One: They’re high earners

One in four of these consumers have a household income over $100,000 and they’re spending accordingly. 20% plan to spend over $35,000 on their next vehicle. This could your audience where you merge luxury with classic, reliable car brands like Honda and Ford.

Fact Two: They value innovation

It could be no surprise that a consumer ready to buy a hybrid values innovation in their auto purchases. They want to keep up with the times and this corresponds to their need for recognition from their peers. They want the newest toys on the road — and they want others to notice.

Fact Three: They’re invested in the environment

Buying a hybrid car can be driven by many things: less gas, which means less money spent, less dependent on fuel, the list goes on. But, one of the big reasons is a smaller environmental impact and this group is totally on board there. They are 79% more likely to feel guilty about the impact of their personal car on the environment. Driving a hybrid is the most immediate change they can make in that area.

millennials buying hybrids

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