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Purchase segments from IRI, Kantar and others have been around for years, but their face value isn’t helpful unless you are using them in your digital campaigns.

Resonate is making these purchase segments more insightful and actionable by overlaying our 12,000 insights like psychographics, values and purchase behaviors, or what we call the Human Element.

The result is a much deeper understanding of the who, what, where, when and WHY consumers make the choices they make in stores and online. This real-time, deeper consumer segment understanding leads to the development of more meaningful and engaging content, which leads to increased sales.

To illustrate this value for your business, and because I’m hungry, I quickly imported 2.2M Marie Callender’s Entrée purchasers to see what unique Resonate insights I could gain.

Starting at a high level I see the majority of shoppers are female and a sizeable chunk of them are between the age of 55-64. While this basic insight can help with a commercial casting call, it’s likely not eye-opening for the brand.

What the brand likely doesn’t know is that their core consumer values a safe community and believes in fulfilling their obligations to others. They also like to maintain traditions, which fits nicely with the brand’s core messaging. They are optimistic, devoted to their faith and want to be seen as trustworthy. Now my image of this consumer, who I will call “The Traditional Optimist”, begins to take shape in my mind’s eye.

When I think about “The Traditional Optimist”, I can see the consumer rewarding themselves with a warm savory dinner of Marie Callender’s Pot Pie Entrée and enjoying it with their spouse alone, as our consumer intelligence platform reveals 60% of consumers are married and 59% don’t have kids under 18 living at home.

These insights work for national brand awareness campaigns, but I want to get more targeted and focused on bringi ng new consumer segments to the brand.

Since the brand over-indexes with females that are 55 and older, I want to attempt to reach younger consumers.  To do this, I want to connect with the 25-44-year-old brand customer, and potentially target men and women separately.

To explore this strategy, I need to know more about these people so I can confirm the opportunity and understand how the brand aligns with those unique values and motivations these segments possess.

With a focused lens on 24-44-year-old Marie Callender’s purchasers, I find that the women in this segment, who I will refer to as “The Caring Romantic”, value caring for others and are driven by love, faith and respect. They purchase products that are family-friendly, rewarding, and time-saving.  They tend to buy food based on nutrition so Marie Callender’s new Delights entrees could be good to visualize in their creative messaging.

The men, who I’ll refer to as “The Pleasure Seeker”, value pleasure and independence. The brand should consider using creative themes of amusement, indulgence, fun and happiness in its creative messaging.

These men are driven by sexual relationships, which may be a tricky insight for a brand to design around.  Perhaps showing a similar persona impressing his significant other with a home-cooked meal from Marie Callender’s would resonate well.

There are so many additional insights on these segments the brand could use to gain a deeper, more actionable understanding of these and other segments.  Insights around retail habits, store preferences and shopping habits could help your sales teams develop deeper value-driven relationships with key retailers.  Additionally, understanding where these segments spend their time on and off-line could help direct the digital team’s media buys. Resonate’s data is actionable and these segments can be pushed to digital activation and monitored in real-time in order to evaluate segment strategies to help you stay ahead of emerging consumer trends.

Learn more about how CPG brands can go beyond flat data and get a deeper view of your current and future customers in our Marketer’s Guide: How CPG Brands Can Bring Flat Data to Life

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