Using Real-Time Consumer Insights to Accelerate and Optimize Ad Sales Revenue


Revenue Growth Through Audience Insights and User Intelligence

In order to remain competitive in the pursuit of advertising dollars and user engagement, media and entertainment companies must stay relevant and updated on the continuously evolving preferences of today’s audiences.

Ignite, Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform, empowers media and entertainment companies with tens of thousands of hyper-relevant attributes on more than 200 million U.S. consumers. Resonate’s proprietary insights are the key to not only informing the future of content optimization and distribution but creating unprecedented value and targeting for advertisers. The media and entertainment companies that leverage deep, relevant insights will drive compelling storytelling in selling advertisers an unmatchable edge to reach the right consumers on the right platforms at the right time.

Learn more about how your media company can use Resonate to increase digital revenue and advertising value in our latest one-pager: Using Deep Consumer Insights to Accelerate and Optimize Sales Revenue.

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