Resonate ‘State of the Consumer 2023’ Reveals Large Segment of Consumers Permanently Anxious about Health, Economy

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RESTON, Va., Feb. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of AI-driven consumer data and intelligence, is sharing its first-of-its-kind look at how Americans will approach everything from what they choose to do to and how they choose to do it to what they choose to purchase in 2023. To create the State of the Consumer 2023 report, Resonate leveraged its proprietary real-time consumer data set to segment the American consumer base. The Resonate AI Data Engine analyzed key trends and uncovered the most significant segments. The report reveals that a large swath of American consumers lives with sustained moderate anxiety that influences buying behaviors, preferences, and loyalty to brands, among other things. The top 2023 segments — named the Free-to-Be Consumer, the Cautiously Optimistic Consumer and the Anxiously Active Consumer — are described comprehensively in the report.

“The past few years have been overwhelming, and the varying degrees of residual financial and health worries U.S. consumers carry with them has become a defining factor that affects their intent, preferences, and behaviors,” said Gernert. “In our new edition of the State of the Consumer report, we provide an in-depth look at these segments and what marketers need to know to engage them.

“Resonate data gives marketers the ‘whole picture’ of their customers,” Gernert continued. Understanding these nuances means the difference between acquiring new customers, retaining high-value customers, or losing to your competitors. In a tough economy, every consumer acquired and retained counts, so up-to-date, comprehensive data is critical.”

The Resonate State of the Consumer 2023 report segments the American consumer base into unique audiences according to their level of sustained concern around finances and health:

  • The Cautiously Optimistic Consumer: This is the largest group of U.S. consumers and is the most tepid about pretty much everything. They are riding the waves of change as best as they can. The report digs deep into three subsegments of this “moderate middle,” revealing: how they are demographically similar, yet uniquely driven; what is on their shopping lists; what stands out in their behaviors and preferences; and where and how to reach them with the right message.
  • The Anxiously Active Consumer: This consumer is plagued with concerns about the state of the world. They are holding corporations accountable and spending on brands that align with their social causes. The Anxiously Active Consumer is 45% more likely to pay more for a product from a brand that aligns with an issue they care about than the Cautiously Optimistic Consumer.
  • The Free-to-Be Consumer: Since the start of the pandemic, the Free-to-Be Consumer has been relatively unbothered by health concerns and a shaky economy. They are internally motivated to succeed and live their best lives, despite the global outlook. This consumer is 52% less likely to prioritize shopping at a retailer that cares about the environment than the Anxiously Active Consumer.

These insights and more in the State of the Consumer Report are mined from the Resonate AI-powered data set, which includes thousands of attributes about individual consumers including intent, values, behaviors, preferences and media consumption, is used throughout the customer lifecycle — from increasing the precision of predictive models to informing customer experience and improving marketing effectiveness.

For a deeper dive into these new critical consumer segments, download Resonate’s full “State of the Consumer 2023” report here. Read the press release here.

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