Powerful and accurate geography data

Identify and prioritize key locations for your marketing efforts

Resonate’s Geography Data combines the power of observed anonymous online behaviors and geo-location data to help you understand and better target your audience based on their geography. 

Understand consumers by market, at scale

Advanced segmentation

Break down segments by region, state, all 230 Nielsen DMAs® and congressional districts.

Updated daily

Geography Data is updated daily using the most recent observations based on where your audiences are now, not necessarily where they live, and allows you to understand and target them with a more precise location.

Location activation

Build and activate on audiences in your region with the full breadth of geography attributes. 

Geo marketing resources

[Guide] AI-Based Segmentation

Learn the different types of segmentation and how to get real, measurable results.


[FYI GUIDE]: Complete Your Consumer Understanding

Quality third-party data fills in the gaps of your consumer understanding.


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