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Voters’ values, behaviors & media consumption change rapidly and significantly, so relying solely on traditional voter files and other legacy data sources can make your message stale during one election cycle! Resonate AI-powered data is the key to understanding what matters most to voters today and can help you accurately predict what will matter to them going forward.

Adapt to real-time forces to reach the voters you need – regardless of party affiliation – with messages that will get them to the ballot box. Resonate has the freshest, most predictive data available and years of programmatic media-buying expertise to execute at the speed necessary to win in the current political climate.

Resonate is your one-stop shop

Resonate’s unique, AI-driven intelligence transforms how political campaigns identify, analyze, target and communicate with voters individually & at scale. Quality, recency of data, insights and speed are today’s essential campaign currencies.

Fast answers, deep understanding of any voting audience down to the CD level

Fast answers

Better segmentation for more impactful, personalized messaging

Better segmentation

More precise voter targeting at scale across CTV, OTT, pre-roll, display, social

precise voter targeting

Individual voter-level Resonate attributes

Hot Topics & Issues

Positions on hot topics & issues

• Public health, insurance

• Abortion & access to Plan B

• Healthcare & drug costs

• 2nd amendment & gun control

• Voting rights & election fraud

• Climate change & energy

• LGBTQ+ rights & traditional marriage

• Disinformation & the mainstream media

Values & Motivations

Voter values & motivations

• Security in nation & sense of community

• Acceptance of those who are different

• Maintain traditions

• Obey law and obligations

• Trust from others

• God/faith

• Environmental conservation

Intent & Prior Behavior

Intent & prior behavior

• Trump supporters

• Centrist vs extreme voters

• Single issue voters

• Disengaged Americans

The end-to-end solution to achieve winning results

1 Create and target highly customized voting audiences on behalf of their clients   
2 Know more about their most valued voter segments pre campaign for more personalized messaging opportunity
3 Take action faster

2022 mid-term political campaigns that incorporated Resonate first party issue-based targeting into its digital segmentation strategy had a 31% higher win rate than campaigns targeted solely on voter file uploads and party affiliation targeting*

- Resonate Managed Services (*of campaigns ran by Resonate managed service)

Resonate helps political and advocacy organizations achieve results

40% favorability lift towards issue ad concepts with legislative influencers
30% increase in candidate-friendly activity amongst online target audience of 240,000 voters

"The Resonate team knows what they are doing, gives thoughtful advice and implements the client’s decisions and directives flawlessly.”

- Strategist at a political digital & creative agency

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