More effective marketing starts with the whole picture

Privacy-safe, real-time data to get ahead of the competition

Gone are the days of relying on fragmented 1st-party data to guess who your customers “really are” and what they want from their bank. Resonate Banking data helps you create a holistic picture of banking customers and the competition’s customers – so you know what drives them, what products they want, if they plan to switch banks (and why), and much more. Pull from 248 privacy-safe, up-to-date data elements to level up your research and targeting with the freshest, richest consumer intelligence dataset available today.  

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Paint a holistic picture of US banking customers

Privacy safe banking data

Privacy compliant

Access privacy-safe data to uncover banking specific insights into US consumers.

Banking data points

248 banking attributes

Add these attributes to your 1st-party data to get the bigger picture of what your customers – and your competitions’ customers – want and what affects their choices. 

Custom contextual banking data

Custom contextual data

Leverage real-time data to find out the banking topics US consumers are researching now. 

Bank marketing resources

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2023 Bank Switchers

Knowing which consumers are considering switching gives you the opportunity to acquire new customers and keep your current ones.


[Guide] AI-Based Segmentation

Learn the different types of segmentation and how to get real, measurable results.


Marketing to Multicultural Audiences

Drive revenue with insights to further individuality, representation, and authenticity.


80% increase in website visitors
30% increase in digital revenue YoY
59% decrease in CPA

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