Persona Development

Segmentation Creation & Persona Replication

Create a segmentation strategy based on your customers and prospects, or leverage existing persona investments for insights, measurement and activation.

Engage Resonate Data Science to create new segments based on your customers and prospects to help drive overall marketing strategy, create targeted messaging and relevant media plans. Already have segments or personas defined? We’ll replicate your existing personas into the Resonate platform so they’re available for insights and activation.

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Segmentation Creation & Persona Replication allow you to:

  • Focus marketing efforts on your audience’s most important traits
  • Identify key factors in category consideration or preference
  • Guide more relevant creative and message decisions
  • Understand media consumption and identify key channels for distribution
  • Learn what experiences your audience values most

Why use Segmentation Creation & Persona Replication?

Unparalleled Depth

Gain insights and inform your creative & messaging using our 9,000+ attributes. Develop an unparalleled understanding of your segment or persona.

Absolute Ease

Generate insights for your segments and personas and activate against them – all in one platform.

Gain Understanding

See how well the digital touchpoints in your marketing funnel are performing for reaching your segments and personas.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of in-depth interviews, enriched with media behaviors and modeled out to the online population.

What can I do with Personas?

Personas make qualitative and quantitative research easy for you to understand. Once you know what is most important to your personas, you can create more relevant content and messaging and more effectively target offers towards them. Reduce ad waste by quickly testing different creatives for different personas to see which are most effective before launching a larger campaign. Directly target your personas, and measure what’s working – all in one platform.

How does Segmentation Creation work?

Step 1: Scope Project

We work with you during pre-sales to identify the group for segments and the data to use.

Step 2: Determine Inputs

We help you determine the inputs for clustering or will build a model for you. (The latter comes at an additional cost).

Step 3: Define Segments

Resonate Data Science runs a clustering analysis to determine the number of segments and their definitions.

Step 4: Confirm Segments

We confirm each segment definitions and their differentiation.

Step 5: Run Decision Tree

Once segments are complete, Resonate Data Science runs a decision tree to identify the Resonate attributes that define the segment.

Step 6: Create Personas

We create personas for each segment along with a summary of key insights for you and make them available in your Resonate account.

How does Persona Replication work?

Step 1: Provide Personas

You provide us with data about your existing personas.

Step 2: Map Personas

We map the persona definitions to Resonate attributes.

Step 3: Validate Insights

We analyze the resulting insights against all the information you provided.

Step 4: Configure RealSegments

We present you with findings and configure the results as RealSegments in your Resonate account.

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