Persona Development

Persona Development

Visualizations that summarize your audience to understand what drives their decisions.

With Persona Development, you can benefit from an audience-centric view using Resonate’s first-party data on motivations, values, media habits and online behaviors to understand what drives peoples’ decisions. The Personas will allow you to drive more meaningful and relevant engagement with customers, voters and advocates to focus on their specific needs.

Marketing persona index

Persona Development allows you to:

  • Focus marketing efforts on your audience’s most important traits
  • Identify key factors in category consideration or preference
  • Guide more relevant creative and message decisions
  • Understand media consumption and identify key channels for distribution
  • Learn what experiences your audience values most

Why use Personas?


Personas utilize our 7,000+ consumer attributes for unparalleled understanding of your target audience.


Tailor the market insights you need about your target audience through a variety of data options.


Results in weeks, using only recent and highly relevant research with flexible timing options.


Resonate’s massive automated research infrastructure has more than 300k U.S. adults modeled out to the online population.

What can I do with Personas?

Personas make qualitative and quantitative research easy to understand for you. Once armed with the knowledge of what is most important, you can create more relevant messaging and offers to target and activate against your audience personas. You can quickly test creative with personas to see which ones are most effective before launching a larger campaign for more efficient ad spending. And you can track how well you are engaging your personas.

How does Persona Development work?

Step 1

We work with you to define which insights will be used based upon your objectives

Step 2

If necessary, we will work with you to implement data collection through tag placement, custom survey questions or onboarding

Step 3

Once all of the data has been collected, we will analyze the results to create your customized personas

Step 4

Your completed personas will be available in the Resonate Analytics platform

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