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Instant access to hyper-relevant, fresh consumer research

The Resonate Ignite Platform is the only AI-driven consumer data and analytics platform that seamlessly accelerates insights into action. Log in for instant access to hyper-relevant, fresh consumer market research on today’s consumer. The Resonate Ignite Platform delivers more than 14,000 real-time, proprietary, values-driven insights on 230 million individual consumers.

Delivering A Deep Consumer Understanding


Resonate empowers brands to develop innovative and actionable strategies that attract and retain customers, drive revenue and increase customer lifetime value.


Resonate offers agencies the opportunity to differentiate themselves with powerful insights that drive new business and deliver high-performing campaigns.

Media & Entertainment

Resonate’s proprietary consumer intelligence enables media companies to gain a deeper understanding of their audience in order to boost advertising revenue.

Politics & Advocacy

AI-powered analytics and targeting solutions enable campaigns to engage the right voters at the right time, with the most effective messaging.

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