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Today’s consumer is inundated with a growing number of product and retailer choices, making it incredibly challenging for brands to break through the noise. In this environment, companies need to find innovative ways to appeal to today’s consumer and grow customer loyalty. Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform helps brands find new ways to attract and retain customers and develop actionable strategies to increase revenue and customer lifetime value.


A Luxury Retailer
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Advertising and marketing are going through significant changes and face a growing list of challenges. There’s rising competition from consulting firms, in-house agencies and smaller, more agile shops, as well as trust and transparency issues and an urgency to build data-driven solutions. Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform helps advertising agencies lead the disruption with a deeper understanding of consumers and an actionable strategy for acquiring and retaining clients.


A Full-service Ad Agency
A Luxury Retailer

Today’s voter landscape is more complicated than ever. Political campaigns are challenged to find the most strategic ways to deeply connect with a wide range of constituents. Advocacy organizations are also trying to reach and influence audiences with their messages. Resonate complements base mobilization strategies with person-level insights and surgical targeting that engages the niche voter blocs that often decide the closest of races.   


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“Resonate is the best #$# tool we use. It has replaced 3 other tools.”

—Jonathan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey New York

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