Deep Consumer Insights Produce Better Results

You have data, but do you have insights to build stronger connections with humans? The Resonate Platform delivers a deeper understanding of humans through one, easy-to-use single source solution that covers everything from segmentation to managed media. When applied to acquisition, expansion or retention, deep consumer insights produce better results—increased revenue, decreased costs and higher customer lifetime value.

Delivering A Deep Consumer Understanding

Custom Research

Reach the right consumers with our suite of connected solutions including custom contextual studies, custom questions or segment creation.

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Data Append

Bring your CRM list, website, mobile apps and other first-, second-, or third-party data into the Ignite Platform for an enriched, 360-degree view of your customers and prospects through the lens of Resonate’s 13K attributes.

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Real-time attributes give you more accurate and timely personas and segments and shape a stronger segmentation strategy.

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Data Enrichment

A Data as a Solution service that allows you to combine your first-party data with Resonate’s 13K attributes which are delivered outside the Ignite Platform, allowing you to slice-and-dice data within your own internal data storage system.

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Insights on your best customers and your competitors’ customers to connect and acquire prospects with similar attributes.

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Easily activate your audiences across desktop and mobile, as well as paid social, connected TV and email.

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Managed Media

Expert team will run your campaigns for you in our omni-channel activation platform and provide performance measurement.

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Professional Services

Dedicated team provides extra services, including mobile audience insights, geographic analysis and segmentation creation and persona replication.

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Most up-to-date intelligence on consumer preferences so organizations know precisely what makes consumers loyal to a particular brand.

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