Though it’s hard to rival the popularity of Vancouver’s live games four years ago, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi still experienced notable viewership. In addition to feelings of patriotism for your competing country and a sense of belonging to the universal dialogue on the Olympics, people tuned in to these gladiator games because they also related to the deified Olympians themselves.


Resonate found that people who watch the Olympics subscribe to a pretty active and healthy lifestyle too. Seventy percent of Olympics viewers exercise at least twice a week and 27% believe a gym membership is a necessity. They are also 15% more likely to participate in sports teams and 19% more likely to regard athletic accomplishment as important, when compared to those who do not watch the Olympics. And they are not alone in their fitness enthusiasm – 40% prefer physically active family time.

When it comes to watching what you eat, 54% of Olympics viewers limit their intake of calories, fats, sugars, and salt and 49% consider nutrition in their overall food choices. Beyond diet and exercise, 58% of the games’ viewers value routine in their lives – a crucial ingredient in maintaining any health program.

Marketers and advertisers needn’t assume that the viewing audience is just a bunch of voyeurs when it comes to watching the Olympics. Yes, the flashiness of this global competition may entice people to watch, but there is a relatability to the pedestaled athletes that also lies at the core. Treat the Olympics viewing population like Olympians and watch your campaign bring home the gold.