Resonate Talks AI in Politics with Campaigns & Elections

Resonate’s Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Scantlebury were featured on Campaigns & Elections Campaign Insider segment last week to discuss how campaigns are leveraging AI-driven strategies to understand and reach niche voter segments.

Watch the interview below and contact Resonate to learn more about how your political, advocacy, or public affairs campaign can incorporate the innovative strategies discussed in the interview.

Why Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Gamble Wouldn’t Work for Under Armour

This article was originally published on Marketing Land on 11.05.18. See the full article here.

Two weeks after Nike’s campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick debuted, the company’s online sales had risen a whopping 31 percent and its stock had climbed more than 6 percent to an all-time high. With Kaepernick, Nike clearly tapped into something powerful—but it didn’t come without risk.

Immediately after the ad debuted, it was widely reported that Nike’s brand favorability was down, its stock price dipped, videos of people burning their Nike shoes went viral and critics called for a wholesale boycott of the brand. So how did a gamble that violates the norms of branding and brand safety while creating a chorus of ardent critics ultimately lead to a wildly successful campaign?

In short, Nike found a way to connect with its customers on a visceral level. Its Kaepernick campaign went beyond shoes or clothing and instead tapped into the personal values that drive its customers in every aspect of their lives. That’s also why this gamble would have utterly failed for a brand like Under Armour, according to a recent Resonate analysis of customer personal values. Read our full analysis here on Marketing Land.

A Guide To Understanding And Engaging Today’s Auto Shopper

People shopping for cars usually take several months to make their decision, which presents a unique challenge and opportunity for marketers. Given the expense and overall weight associated with a new car purchase or lease, the automotive shopper’s decision-making process represents a fine blend of rationality and subconscious motivation. Thus, it is vital for marketers to not only know where to find people currently shopping for a car, physically and digitally, but also for them to be able to speak wisely to the underlying values that fuel these important purchases.

To better illuminate relevant audience insights for automotive marketers, Resonate tapped into its consumer intelligence platform to uncover the motivations, values, lifestyles and media habits of people who are likely to buy or lease a car in the next 12 months. The resulting audience profile revealed a dynamic group of people whose desire for self-fulfillment and lust for life are leading them to seek automotive purchases that align with these deep-seated values.

To call people who are in the market for a car “active” would be an understatement. Their desire to be on-the-go is reflected in both their top hobbies (visiting spas and resorts, going to the movies and watching pro sports live) and daily routines, which place a high value on athletic accomplishments and gym memberships. These hobbies and routines, all deeply rooted in the physical world, suggest that marketers should be building bridges between their real-world activities and their digital interactions.

Note: Index Value measures the strength of a consumer insight against the entire consumer landscape, with the baseline being 100.
Note: Index Value measures the strength of a consumer insight against the entire consumer landscape, with the baseline being 100.

When it comes to the top apps used by auto shoppers, it’s not surprising that their usage mirrors their hobbies and daily routines. Business tools and productivity apps are tied with travel apps when it comes to commanding the most attention from these individuals. Other top app categories include entertainment and lifestyle apps, as well as sports, finance, and food and drink apps.

Resonate 2

While the average auto shopper strongly values physical activity and social engagement, they’re also deeply embedded in the digital space, where they leverage content and platforms to facilitate their energetic and self-driven lifestyles. More than 60% in the market for a car are spending more than 20 hours online each week, with nearly a quarter of them spending more than 40 hours online.

Resonate 3

Auto marketers might be surprised to find that the in-market auto shopper’s most-frequented social networks are not Facebook or Twitter, but rather Reddit, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn. This proclivity makes sense, however, in the context of this group’s top personal values and psychological drivers. Self-fulfillment, taking care of one’s family and learning and knowledge are the core personal values that motivate this audience, and the aforementioned networks are core to feeding these principles, not to mention their desires for social and professional achievement and overall excitement in life.

Resonate 4

From a media perspective, auto shoppers represent an eclectic bunch, with their top-watched TV networks and most-read magazines ranging from the informative to the entertaining. In terms of TV shows, this audience favors distraction and humor—as well as viewing through their personal devices such as tablets and phones.

Resonate 5

Resonate 6

Resonate 7

The time it takes people to make a decision on which car to buy requires marketers to take a meaningful, story-driven approach to connect with these valued consumers over time. By better understanding their online and offline habits, as well as the underlying values and motivations that drive them, marketers can begin to craft a consumer journey that aligns with this ever-important path to purchase.

Note: The insights in this article are included in Resonate’s latest research, “The State of the Consumer Report Q4 2018: Consumer Snapshots That Reveal How Values & Motivations are Shaping Today’s Evolving Shopper.”

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Beat Google and Facebook at their Game With Better Insights

One of the biggest challenges publishers and media companies face today is showing the value of their reading and viewing audiences. Establishing their unique value is how publishers validate their cost per impressions (CPM) and sponsorships.

Even though Google and Facebook control much of the audience delivery available to advertisers, the publishers best positioned for success first establish a relevant and strategic fit and story around the audiences they have available. But they can’t build that audience story if they don’t have insights on the people who make up those audiences. A recent eMarketer survey revealed that the top challenge for marketers is the need for better insights and reporting deliverables for data sources and analytics.

I was struck earlier this November while attending AdMonsters Publisher’s Forum in Austin, Texas, that publishers are still not using consumer insights as much as they should. Consumer insights that offer a holistic snapshot of their readers not only helps guide content and programs for publications but also provide a tremendous value proposition for advertisers. Publishers that successfully demonstrate their owned audience are well positioned to grow their sales and customer relationships.


Imagine presenting to a prospective advertiser deeper insights about your audience and their audience that strengthens your value position as a media partner and validates their investment. Advertisers want more customers, so it’s important that their partners are aligned to deliver the essential targeting that drives results and revenue growth.

But publishers often say that it’s difficult (if not impossible) to show distinct value in their owned and operated audience. “We have lots of readers around many different types of content. However, advertisers know they can get audiences through programmatic channels. How do I as a publisher best showcase my audiences as essential?”

That’s where deep consumer insights play a significant role. For example, let’s look at a key audience of interest to bank and financial services companies: people shopping for a home mortgage. Resonate’s consumer insights reveal key attributes about people in the market for a home mortgage like what’s driving their selection consideration when they plan to obtain a mortgage, how best to reach them based on their media consumption and how best to connect with them through content and ad messaging.


With the Resonate Platform, publishers have access to a vast array of attributes and insights around their consumer segments, including their values, motivations, purchase behaviors, media consumption and much more. Those insights guide content, targeting, messaging and advertising to specific audiences. Most importantly, publishers can show advertisers how many of those customers they reach and how best to connect with them.

Publishers that use Resonate see several results, including an almost 100% increase in the quality of insights they achieve through the platform. Publishers have also seen upwards of 50% savings in third-party data and nearly 30% in new business and upsells.

You should see our insights in action. Reach out today to get a demo for your publication and advertisers.

[Infographic] Get to Know 24M People Switching Investment Firms in the Next Year

Did you know that 24 million people plan to find a new investment firm in the next year? They want an investment advisor who communicates clearly and understands their needs and risk tolerance. So what else do we know about investment firm switchers?

View the infographic below for details about these consumers. Want to see more of Resonate’s insights on today’s consumers? Let us give you a quick demo.


The Audiences worth Mobilizing during the Lame Duck Congress

Could there be a shutdown? There certainly could” – President Trump

In what is typically a fairly routine process, this year’s Lame Duck Congress may take a turn for the dramatics. With a President posturing for a spending fight and a divided Congress of returning, defeated, and retiring members, we could see some fists fly…

While Resonate was helping clients execute over 500 AI-driven voter targeting campaigns this election cycle, our issue-based models continued to dynamically update with the online activity of millions of policy influencers. This strategy is built for advocacy campaigns that need to immediately transition from politics to policy – targeting and mobilizing known influencers based on where they stand on the issues – and why they stand there.

If a fight goes down in the Lame Duck, we can safely place our bets that immigration policy and border security will be the instigator. Here’s the tale of tape:

  • Congress needs to pass a year-end spending bill prior to Dec. 7 to ensure the government stays open
  • The president has threatened to shutdown the government if the bill does not include funding for the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico
  • While Democrats have agreed to put money towards border security, they’ve made it clear they will not back legislation that funds the President’s wall

At Resonate, our behavioral models have identified the online audiences on both sides of the wall issue and all audiences are available for immediate activation – within 24 hours! Let’s take a quick look at a couple of these audiences:

Support Building the Wall

Online Audience Size: 47.M

Majority Demographic Breakdown

  • Equal parts male and female
  • Between the ages of 45-64
  • Household incomes of $25k-75k
  • ‘Some college’ is the highest education level

Top Personal Values read the Resonate Personal Values Report

  • Maintaining traditions
  • Obeying the law
  • Freedom to determine actions

Top Psychological Drivers

  • Devotion to God
  • Trust from others
  • Maintaining an optimistic outlook

Top Media Consumed:

  • Networks: Fox News, National Geographic, A&E
  • Streaming Subscriptions: Starz, Showtime
  • Apps by Category: Sports, Finance/Stocks

Other Top Policy Platforms

  • Free trade agreements hurt the U.S.
  • President Trump should cancel all of President Obama’s executive orders

Oppose Building the Wall

Online Audience Size: 57.7M

Majority Demographic Breakdown 

  • Mostly female
  • Between the ages of 25-44
  • Household incomes of $50k-100k
  • College degree is the highest education level

Top Personal Values – read the Resonate Personal Values Report

  • Acceptance of those who are different
  • Treating everyone equally
  • Caring for nature

Top Psychological Drivers

  • Expressing individuality
  • Creativity
  • Proving competence/skills

Top Media Consumed

  • TV Networks: MTV, MSNBC, Comedy Central
  • Streaming Subscriptions: Showtime, Amazon Prime
  • Top Apps by Category: Entertainment and lifestyle, Music Players and Storage

Other Top Policy Platforms:

  • Oppose Trump appointing conservative Supreme Court Justices
  • Enacting gun control

If you’re preparing for a Lame Duck fight, Resonate has your back. With our unrivaled issue-advocacy data that will quickly connect you with the influencers you need to reach and mobilize, we’ll make sure your message is heard in Congress and beyond. To learn more about how Resonate helps advocacy campaigns win with the most advanced AI-driven targeting strategies, click here.

Resonate Honored on Tech 100 List by Northern Virginia Technology Council

Resonate Named a NVTC Tech 100 Top Innovator

RESTON, Va., Nov. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of consumer intelligence for marketers, has been named as a top innovator on the Tech 100 by the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). The Tech 100 represents a new honor celebrating the top companies and leaders in the Greater Washington technology community.

“We’re honored to be included on the inaugural Tech 100, as there’s certainly no shortage of amazing technology players in our region,” said Bryan Gernert, chief executive officer, Resonate. “At Resonate, we put humans at the center of everything we do, and that includes enhancements to our industry-leading consumer intelligence platform. We believe—and NVTC recognizes as well—that the best technology solutions are the ones built with an intimate understanding of the people that they engage and serve.”

The Tech 100 honorees are the companies and individuals who are driving tech innovation, implementing new solutions for their customers and leading growth in the Greater Washington region. Nominations were reviewed and Tech 100 companies and executives were selected by a judging committee.

About Resonate
Resonate is a pioneer in Consumer Intelligence Marketingdelivering deep understanding, dynamic insights, cross-channel engagement and analysis in a single, simple-to-use SaaS platform. Resonate has contextually relevant data and deep consumer insights across more than 10,000 attributes, including values, motivations and other psychographics, describing more than 185 million U.S. consumers. Hundreds of companies have used Resonate to reveal and engage “The Human Element,” a deeper understanding of their target audience that extends beyond traditional demographics, psychographics and behavioral data to uncover why consumers choose, buy or support certain brands, products or causes. Empowered by this unparalleled understanding, leading brands, agencies and organizations identify, engage and continuously analyze these audiences, driving growth and increasing customer lifetime value.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Resonate is privately held and backed by Argentum Capital Partners, Revolution Growth, Greycroft Partners and iNovia Capital. For more information, please visit

About the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC)
NVTC is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia. As the largest technology council in the nation, NVTC serves about 1,000 companies from all sectors of the technology industry, as well as service providers, universities, foreign embassies, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies. Through its member companies, NVTC represents about 300,000 employees in the region. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:
Michael Tilus for Resonate

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A New Way to Capture 24M Million Investment Firm Switchers in 2019

Turbulent markets, global political shifts, the growth of robo-investing and rising customer expectations have brought a new level of customer churn to wealth management marketers. Resonate’s most updated insights reveal that 24 million U.S. adults are actively considering switching investment firms in the next 12 months.

It’s vital that marketers for investment firms know how many of their own customers and their competitors’ customers plan to make a move and what they’re looking for in their next investment firm. Resonate’s deep consumer insights also reveal:

  • Which firms are at the greatest risk of losing customers
  • Top selection criteria for people looking to switch
  • Consumers’ views about the market and alternative investments
  • How to steal your competitors’ customers and retain your own

Which Firms Are at Greatest Risk for Losing Customers?

Most investment firms face a retention problem, including some of the biggest brands. Consumers who plan to switch investment firms have accounts with the following firms:


What Do People Want from their Investment Firm?

When it comes to their relationship with their financial advisor, most switchers want great customer service and objective advisors who understand their risk tolerance. But the top selection driver is that switchers want the ability to trade on margins. Firms using Resonate can dig deeper to understand the specific factors most important to their own switchers and segment their competitors’ switchers by brand to tailor messages accordingly.


How Do Consumers Feel About the Market?

Most switchers are on the fence about whether a stock market drop or financial crisis is imminent, but most switchers have a more optimistic view of the future. Marketers should connect with switchers using sunnier messages vs. an approach that speaks to investor fears.



How Do Consumers Feel About Robo-Investing and Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency investing won’t appeal to most switchers, but robo-investing will. Resonate helps you isolate and target the smaller group considering cryptocurrency in their portfolio, while also creating a robo-investing segment for research, segmentation, activation and measurement.



Where Can I Find Consumers Looking to Switch?

Insights on their media consumption also shape your strategy for reaching these consumers, from the top TV shows they’re watching to their top social media networks.



Resonate also has actionable insights on individual investment firms and the who, what, when, where and why of their switchers.

The challenge for wealth management marketers is turning massive amounts of data into insights that allow them to decide on the right strategy for reducing churn. With person-centric insights, marketers can take action to reduce churn in one, easy-to-use platform that’s updated nightly. So, while you can’t just ask, you can find out and act before you lose customers.

Want to see Resonate’s consumer insights in action? We’d be happy to show you more in a demo.


From politics to policy: applying midterm strategies to win advocacy campaigns

As we approach the end of the year, like many, I’m still looking back at the midterms. What were the game changing strategies that moved the needle in the most challenging electoral conditions? How can campaigns leverage these methods to adapt and win in the unpredictable and complex legislative environments that await Washington and local legislatures throughout the country?

While the midterm end results were no major surprise, it’s fascinating to digest the data that was at the heart of the drama. From blood red Texas almost taking on a shade of blue to the hand counted votes deciding the fate of Florida, campaigns leveraged Resonate’s voter models to analyze and target critical audiences capable of moving the needle. Let’s take a look at a couple of data-driven strategies tailored for those campaigns in the fiercest of races and how these strategies can be applied to winning the public affairs and advocacy fights just around the corner.

We knew Texas would be tight, but what did we learn?

Back in May, we published a blog forecasting the ultra-competitive landscape campaigns in Texas could face this cycle: Texas Too Close to Call? How Will Your Side Fare?

In summary, our models were picking up the day-day online behavior of voters throughout the Lone Star State. Specifically, they looked at what news sources voters were getting their facts from and the types of stories they were consuming. They then calculated the level of right-left wing bias in each piece of media consumed. Given Texas’ modern history as a Republican bastion, one would think that left wing and independent consumption would be largely absent on a statewide scale. This was not the case – the data demanded we think differently.

The below map represents the average level of right-left wing news being consumed by the Texas voting population 2 months after the primary. What you’ll see is a considerable amount of independent news consumed throughout the state – represented in the purple. In the digital world of partisan recommendation algorithms, voters in Texas were demonstrating a flare for independence.

Texas Voters Social

Around the same time, our data also showed that 29% of the entire Texas voting population was self-identifying as Independents. For campaigns competing in places like Texas, where Independents could be the game changers, having the tools to track dynamic behavior and message these voters with relevancy was a critical strategy.

At Resonate, we leverage advanced AI-driven digital tools to monitor point-in-time behavioral patterns from a national to zip code scale. This technology vastly expands a campaign’s ability to understand and activate their target audiences based on how they’re engaging with the stories at the heart of the campaign mission. As we approach an unpredictable Lame Duck legislative session and a Red and Blue Congress, campaigns that actively monitor audience sentiment and activate on issue-based engagement patterns will yield a major competitive advantage.

The Florida Voter Landscape – Go Beyond Party Affiliation

Over the summer, Resonate released its groundbreaking 2018 AI Voter Landscape Study. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, we uncovered 9 targetable voter segments differing predictably along influential political drivers, extending far beyond party affiliation. This strategy enabled campaigns to target unique, decisive voter segments in races at all levels.

In the most competitive elections, like the Florida Senate race, identifying and targeting voters beyond basic voter insights became a necessity. Of the 9 segments uncovered in our study, 2 were modeled out as Independent: the Common Centrists and Impartial Persuadables. In the Sunshine State, voters from these audiences exceeded 2 million.

Common CentristsImpartial Persuadables


The electoral conditions in swing states like Florida this cycle reinforce the need to think differently about how campaigns are using data to identify and reach audiences. Mobilizing the base will always be a necessity for any campaign, but leveraging advanced technologies to go beyond party affiliation and target the gap-closing audiences can make all the difference – especially when it comes down to the manual counts!

As we make the pivot from politics to policy, this lesson is an important one. As Congress and local legislatures debate the most important issues that will require the public vote of confidence, campaigns should be activating audiences based on how they feel about those issues – and why they feel that way – not just along their party line. This highly custom approach to public affairs and advocacy targeting is tailored for the campaign that needs to win on the issues by winning on the ground.

The Real Truth About Energy Drinkers

Who do you picture when you think about someone who consumes energy drinks? Stressed-out college students? Gamers who want to stay up all night? It’s neither one.

Resonate’s insights on the 28.4 million people who drank at least one energy drink in the last month paint a picture of a young to middle-aged dad, who likely has some kids under age 5. (Young kids are so adorably exhausting, aren’t they?)

As marketers, we often fall into misconceptions about our target audiences. We could be working with outdated, inaccurate personas. Or we could have just plain ol’ bad data. That’s why it’s vital for today’s marketers to have insights that are updated daily and paint a complete picture of consumers beyond flat demographics.

By digging into the Resonate Platform even further, we’re able to answer the question of why they reach for that can of liquid energy. We found that among the top reasons, besides energy, were these drinks taste good, it makes them feel good and it’s a special treat in their day. But can’t they satisfy those needs with other beverages? That’s why we need to answer the other why’s of their energy drink consumption.

We get at the deeper picture by looking at the personal values that guide their daily decisions, which then guides how you as marketers connect with these consumers. Energy drinkers are mostly guided by having the opportunity to show their abilities and to be admired for what they do. So as the marketer trying to connect with this audience, you should consider using themes of being admired, appreciated, successful and acknowledged in your creative and messaging.

The second personal value tied to energy drinkers is that they want the freedom to think up new ideas, they want to be creative and they want to develop new skills. So your creative and messaging should focus on themes of innovation, originality and cleverness.

Their third most important personal value is equality. These consumers want every person in the world treated equally. To them, life is about social justice. So your messaging and creative should align with themes of equality, fairness and tolerance. You could also highlight philanthropy and social activism.

The Resonate Platform continues to paint the picture of the energy consumer when we look at their psychological drivers, hobbies and routines. Energy drinkers are heavily driven by having social and professional status, getting recognition from their peers and the need for an exciting life. Their free time is spent playing fantasy sports, participating in outdoor activities, playing team sports and at the gym.

While the hobbies and routines of energy drink consumers might not be terribly surprising, what we also discovered was the high prevalence of parenthood and the high valuation of reliability and trustworthiness among this group. We can even tell you how they’re consuming energy drinks. Most people drink them alone. So your creative may feature a single person enjoying their drink rather than a group of people.

Energy drink consumers are a perfect target audience for any brand that wants to connect with young, active parents. However, you might not want to rely on traditional advertising channels to reach these folks. Although age-based offline buys might seem like a good idea at a high level, you would have to buy a lot of spots in a lot of different places to reach this audience at scale. Instead, online buys make more sense for reaching this group with relevancy and frequency. But it wouldn’t hurt to sprinkle in some TV on the four major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox), along with coverage during NFL football games.

Ready to start connecting with energy drink consumers? Reach out for a demo to learn more about this audience or any other consumer segment.