How NBCUniversal Can Tap into its TikTok-Scrolling CTV Audience for the Big Winter Games

NBCUniversal CTV Audience Winter Games

Did you know that NBCUniversal has had the rights to air “the big international sports games” in the U.S. since the 1980s?! The times—consumers and TV specifically—have changed plenty since then. According to Ad Age, the media company “reckons with an increasing number of viewers favoring streaming and digital video versus linear TV as their preferred venue to watch the games.” That should come as no surprise given the impressive growth of connected television (CTV). According to eMarketer60.1% of Americans will be CTV users this year, totaling 204.1 million.  

That’s why, today, we’re doing an audience deep dive into the streamers that watch the international winter sports games who also happen to love TikTok. Let’s get started. 

NBCUniversal’s CTV Audience: TikTok x Winter Sports Edition 

I can’t say I’m too surprised about the demographics of this streaming audience. The dominant age group of cord-cutters who watch the games and use TikTok is 18-24, our newest adults: The Gen Zers. On the other hand, I find it fascinating that a whopping 60% of this group are women.  

NBCUniversal Audience SnapshotSource: Resonate Ignite Platform™, January 2022

But let’s get to the good part. What drives this TikTok-using, winter sports-streaming audience compared to other winter sports CTV viewers? This segment over-indexes for the desire to: 

  • Reach social and/or professional status  
  • Live an exciting life 
  • Express individuality 

According to the Ad Age article noted earlier, NBCUniversal has kept its list of TikTok creators and advertisers very hush-hush. But let’s say the media company is on the hunt for the right influencers and brands right now. Using the Resonate Ignite Platform attributes, such as top psychological drivers and top hobbies, NBCU can strategically go after health food and apparel brands or find fashion and health influencers. 

Uncovering Personal Values to Help Advertisers Connect with Audiences 

Now, we all know that targeting based on flat demographics alone isn’t going to cut it in 2022. So, let’s look at the core values that humanize an audience. This audience values stimulation, achievement, and authority above all else. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Life Full of Excitement, Novelties, & Challenges: May look for new and thrilling experiences and be more likely to take risks to achieve those experiences. Life is an adventure. 

Show Abilities and Be Admired: May seek success and the admiration of others for being successful. Ambitiousness and determination may be distinguishing attributes. Life is about #winning. 

Being in Charge and Directing People: May be more likely to exercise control, be authoritative, and be seen as influential. Life is about social power and being in control.  

CTV Winter Sports Audience who uses tiktok

The general themes of these values are “self-enhancement” and “openness to change.” To reach this audience on CTV or TikTok, NBCU’s advertisers and influencers should consider using creative and messaging around: 

  • Adventure, inventiveness, excitement, and variety in life  
  • Being admired, appreciated, successful, and acknowledged 
  • Being assertive, commanding, and confident 

…and that’s just scratching the surface of the exciting insights a media company like NBCU can uncover using the Ignite Platform—we didn’t even get into this audience’s media diet, daily routine, product preferences, or brand affinity. But, with TikTok becoming NBCU’s official social media partner for the big games, we’ll be keeping a close eye on what transpires. Stay tuned! 

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