Profile of a Smartwatch Owner

The Smartwatch is the newest screen to capture the world’s attention. But who has actually ponied up the money to acquire one? And why did they buy?

Masters of the universe

The smartwatch is the hot new technology of the moment. However, the buyer is not the same as your average smartphone or X-Box enthusiast. Even more than for other tech purchases, young wealthy tech-savvy males are the likeliest owners. Smartwatch buyer

Telling Traits

The makeup of the US population is shifting fast, so it’s no surprise that the younger people who choose to buy a Smartwatch resemble the population of the future rather than the population of their parents.

smartwatch buyer 2

The “Cool” Conundrum

Smartwatch owners, like many millenials, like to buy products that are both popular and unique. This seeming conundrum is a result of the need to satisfy conflicting motivations; to be an effective leader while still fitting in. Not surprisingly, why smartwatch owners buy is driven by a little bit of both side of their personality.

Smartwatch owner - concern for future

Smartwatch owner - unique product buyer

Smartwatch owner - luxury product buyers

To read more about smartwatches, and their demo profile, check out a recent article from emarketer.

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