New Resonate Real-Time Investments Data Solution Offers Greater Insight into Investor Preferences for Improved Acquisition, Market Research, and Product Development

Resonate transforms the data marketplace with rAI

AI-Powered Consumer Data & Intelligence Firm’s Unique Investments Data Set Provides Insights into Psychographics, Intent, Preferences, Values, and Media Consumption of U.S. Investors

Resonate, the leading provider of AI-powered consumer data and intelligence, has launched the Resonate Investments solution, featuring hundreds of data attributes, including demographics, psychographics, behaviors, sentiment, intent and values of today’s investors. This solution enables investment companies to enrich their existing data to obtain a holistic understanding of their customers and prospects to more efficiently and effectively drive growth and revenue. The Resonate Investments data is scaled to 230 million consumer profiles and 1 billion devices, providing the freshest, most comprehensive data set for improved analytics, modeling and targeting performance.

“Despite vast data stores, today’s wealth-management and investment firms are challenged to augment their first-party data with the right data to accelerate their growth,” said Bryan Gernert, Chief Executive Officer of Resonate. “Resonate provides investment firms with comprehensive, continuously updated, privacy-safe data sets that allow them to understand customers and prospects holistically. In the investment firms’ ecosystems or in our Resonate Ignite platform, the Resonate AI-powered data set is unparalleled in driving more effective marketing across the customer lifecycle.”

Wealth management and investment firms’ acquisition, upsell and retention marketing efforts are impeded by the quality, breadth and reach of current third-party data options with limited availability of research on consumer intent to switch, competitive intelligence, consumer behavior and preferences and investment trends (i.e., robo-investing, crypto, or NFTs).

Resonate Investments enables investment firms to:

  • Identify, understand, and target investors based on consumer-level insights that help uncover the right investors for their services
  • Accelerate competitive intelligence by leveraging data specific to what type of investors invest in specific firms and why
  • Leverage a unique data set to stay on top of investment trends and identify the people who are interested in specific technologies, enabling opportunities for upsell or new product growth

In addition, marketers can use Resonate Investments to enhance their acquisition, retention, and upsell/cross-sell initiatives to:

  • Find the right investors: By leveraging Resonate’s vast set of consumer data, including hundreds of wealth management and investment industry-specific attributes, marketers can identify and target people who are looking for a specific type of investment firm (e.g., self-invested or via an advisor). Using Resonate Investments data, firms can design better products, services, and messaging, and more accurately target them across all media channels. They can use these rich, psychographic insights to help better deliver personalized messaging and can build more robust look-alike segments for targeting their most profitable audiences.
  • Monetize existing investors: Investment firms can better understand their existing investor base. They can more precisely predict customer behavior and appropriately target and message these individuals for upsell and cross-sell using data that frames what they care about most when it comes to choosing investment products.
  • Perform market research and uncover competitive intelligence: Investment firms can leverage Resonate’s vast set of consumer attributes to identify who is investing with specific competitor firms, to what extent and why.
  • Capitalize on investment trends: Investment firms can leverage Resonate Investments data to identify who is investing in new technologies (such as robo-investing, crypto, or NFTs) to upsell existing investors on new products or build new products for their businesses. Resonate’s insights will tell marketers where to find these trendsetters across all digital channels and provide rich, psychographic insights to help better deliver personalized messaging.

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