The Secret Ingredient to Growing New and Existing Agency Business 

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Agencies are facing significant competition, as always, but they also are fighting a battle with the economy that may have prompted clients to cut budgets. Regardless, client expectations remain high for your teams, data and tech. Letting a client down could mean the difference between keeping – and growing services for them – and seeing them leave for a competing agency. You need a “secret ingredient” to keep your clients happy and drive agency growth: AI-powered consumer data and intelligence. 

Agency growth is a two-step process

When you know better, you do better. Rich data helps you achieve both. Here are four ways a foundation of fresh, actionable data enables you to cook up winning strategies: 

Become a strategic partner 

Your agency can become a strategic partner for your clients by developing a data strategy and building a data discipline that proves your understanding of their consumers down to the individual level. Develop a data-focused strategy that encompasses everything from acquiring, segmenting and enriching your data to governing, synthesizing and delivering it.

For smaller boutique agencies, a managed services team of data experts can help complete all those steps and:

  • Ensure you have a top-line strategy to communicate with clients
  • Activate campaigns on their (and your) behalf 
  • Allow your agency to develop a new revenue stream 

Win new business 

Many brands rely on outdated segmentation strategies and make decisions based on a “stale-at-best” understanding of the people they need to reach. And as much as we all want to believe post-COVID consumer habits are the same as pre-COVID ones, they’re not. Turn to rich, continuously updated consumer insights to answer questions like: 

  • How has my audience changed over time?  
  • What messages will resonate with them now?  
  • What will buying cycles look like in the future?  
  • Do my engagement channels still work? 

Smaller agencies also can access data on industries they may otherwise lack expertise in, allowing them to expand the verticals they serve and take on more clients. 

Expand existing business 

Clients always want you to “add more flavor” to the campaign strategy. Usually, this means sending the team back to the drawing board for a new concept. Sigh. Sure, rejection is a part of the gig, but what if you had a pantry full of insights to back up your strategy or to turn to for a new idea?   

Resonate helps agencies crush campaigns, opening opportunities for bolder, more relevant, higher-performing client work and more revenue. Here are a few ways: 

  • Enrich existing data: Enrich your client’s data with Resonate data to create a unified view of a client’s consumers, revealing nuances in their audiences and identifying new valuable segments. You can do this anywhere, anytime and in any way you prefer with Resonate Ignite or Data Append. If you need a team of data experts, Resonate Managed Services is ready to conduct this for you!    
  • Activate across channels: Use Resonate’s rich data to create well-defined segments and deliver individual device IDs to any DSP, DMP or social platform for activation across all digital channels.   
  • Answer any question: Brands WANT to know their customers and prospects. Resonate can field custom research for your agency’s clients.

Save costs 

With budgets in flux, agencies must add value by connecting their efforts directly with client needs. The right data technology can help agencies do that while expanding services quickly and efficiently. Agencies that leverage rich, actionable data will thrive regardless of what the market throws their way. 

Get the “secret sauce” for agency growth 

Becoming a disruption-proof agency is about being the disrupter — being bolder and challenging widely held assumptions. Agencies that adopt a data strategy rooted in dynamic consumer insights will lead their own transformation in a changing and hyper-competitive environment. Resonate can help. We empower agency leaders to win more business, retain clients, expand contracts and increase revenue through AI-driven, privacy-safe data across industries. 

Ready to cook up winning strategies from a foundation of fresh data? We can answer any question your clients have about their audience and use it to power hyper-targeted campaigns. 

Talk to us about your next project. 

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