The Power of Audience Discovery

By Kelly Osterhout, Client Strategy & Insight Manager

Earlier this year, a banking client enlisted Resonate to help increase checking account sign-ups. The campaign objective was straightforward and the goals measurable – classic direct response. But what became increasingly clear as we delved into the bank’s existing metrics and performance – specifically their low website traffic, unstructured conversion experience, and arduous application process that requested sensitive PII information – was that a mere direct response approach was not strong enough; a branding campaign was also necessary.

We placed pixels on the bank’s homepage and, via Resonate Analytics, quickly uncovered the fundamental values and motivations of their site visitors. Before the direct response campaign even launched, we quantified the degree to which the bank’s site visitors over-indexed as shoppers who are more likely to plan ahead and consider/research their options rather than purchase spontaneously. This discovery fueled a focused branding campaign that complemented the bank’s offline direct response efforts and ultimately played a pivotal role in driving more account sign ups.

At times, clients insist they have enough awareness in their own markets to design their digital campaigns and allocate time and cost accordingly. And, of course, we are here to facilitate that execution. But informing advertising strategy earlier on with appropriate consumer insights based on quantifiable data optimizes time spent on campaign planning. It also ensures better budget distribution and more direct engagement with audiences. All of these are key ingredients in successfully accomplishing any campaign objective.