Two Reasons Why People Watch the Olympics

Patriotism vs. Belonging: How Olympics Advertisers Should Address Differing Audience Values

Why do people really watch the Olympics? Resonate surveyed two audiences within the Olympics viewing population as key influencers:

• 4,483 people who value patriotism and support their country and its athletes
• 1,785 people who value belonging and show general interest in this worldwide phenomenon and just want to be included in its spirit

We took a closer look at how these groups differ and how their individual motivations should impact the top marketing campaigns of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The findings between these two audiences are quite polarized. Those motivated by patriotism are more likely to value energy efficiency (16%), environmental preservation (155%), and health (29%). Those who value belonging are more likely to be motivated by self-fulfillment (60%), self-image (224%), and self-esteem (58%). Addressing these values will enrich ad campaign tailoring and allow marketers to identify and profit from select subgroups within who value and act on each motivation respectively.

Knowing these differences is important because marketers spend millions on Olympic ad campaigns to reach mass audiences. But mass audiences no longer exist. The global viewing audience is fragmented in their ideologies despite feelings of unity fostered by the Olympics. Viewers own a variety of different motivations which brands must speak to independently to fuel consumer action.

Patriotism and belonging are driving forces that compel people around the world to tune into these gladiator games. Appealing to the social perspectives of patriotic sports fans and the self-interested vantages of those who value belonging will allow marketers to speak directly to both audiences and guarantee more effective campaigning and more responsive consumer behavior.



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