Illinois constituents are just weeks away from voting for candidates — ranging from Governor to State House seats — and ballot measures. Resonate took a deeper look at the issues that matter most to voters in The Prairie State, as well as in its 4th Congressional District.

Resonate’s survey data finds that 37% of Illinois voters report consistent Democratic voting patterns, 26% vote Republican and 28% cast their votes across party lines, i.e. swing voters.

A candidate’s position on job creation is the only issue most commonly cited by voters of all parties as key to their voting decision.

The majority of Democratic voters, 58%, look at healthcare platforms, while 56% prioritize job creation policies and 44% education. Republican voters evaluate a candidate’s platform on government spending (62%), balanced budget (54%), and job creation (46%). Job creation is also the issue most commonly cited by swing voters, with 48% calling it a key issue. Government spending is close behind with 45%, just edging out healthcare polices with 44%.

Democratic and Republican voters remain deeply divided on social issues. For example, Democratic voters are 3.7x more likely to be involved with gay and lesbian rights and are 2.8x more likely to be involved in pro-choice issues when compared to their Republican counterparts. Conversely, Republican voters are 3.9x more likely than Democratic voters to be concerned with 2nd amendment rights. They’re also 3.6x more likely than Democrats to be involved in traditional marriage issues.

However, in Illinois’ 4th Congressional District, the issues that matter most change. This district’s population is over 70% Hispanic and 43% of all voters report consistent Democratic voting patterns. The top issues for those Democratic voters remain healthcare (53%), job creation (50%), and education (44%). But the key issues shift for Republican voters, with 53% prioritizing a candidate’s stance on government spending, 46% balanced budget and 43% immigration. Swing voters in IL-4 consider job creation (45%), education (42%), and balanced budget (40%) as top issues.

Illinois Voters Infographic