Resonate’s data has long proven that optimizing campaigns for clicks will get you clicks… not customers. And Quantcast’s recent whitepaper, “Display Ad Clickers Are Not Your Customers” reinforces that we’re on the right track.

Clicks, by themselves, do little to improve upper-funnel metrics like brand awareness. And as the industry is learning, a click doesn’t necessarily mean a sale. Yet where DR is still wildly popular, advertisers who want to adjust to this new paradigm need a concrete alternative to click-driven campaigns.

It’s our view that optimizing to audiences, not just ad responses, is the way to build awareness and achieve business results. These audiences need to be defined not just by demographics and behaviors, but also by the underlying values that drive consumers’ actions. By really learning about the audience before and during the campaign, advertisers can achieve the best of both worlds – clicks that convert.  And that’s what we deliver our clients. Results that are aligned with business objectives lead to a winning campaign on multiple levels.