There was a great byline on recently that highlighted the adoption of Agile Marketing, including the desire of senior brand marketers to incorporate consumer values into the larger narrative of their brand and campaigns.  It’s refreshing to see the marketplace acknowledging that demographics and behaviors are no longer enough to create a “targeted audience.”  The concept was unheard of when we started out in 2008 on that very proposition. Even then our first customers were political and advocacy campaigns.  But today, we apply it to major consumer brands every day. And the reality is, we’re really the only ones actually delivering on the idea.

Consumer values and their corresponding insights hold the key to bringing the brand brief to life. When you know that your audience is “moms who care about their appearance and are 117% more likely to support companies that give back to the community,” the targeting picture becomes quite clear. Which, in turn, informs your creative and the messaging that goes along with it.  As these insights become more sophisticated, it’s the smart brand managers who will also use these consumer insights for product r&d.

And that’s putting agile marketing into action.