This is the first in a series of blog posts that highlight—and provide a behind the scenes look into–the development and launch of Resonate’s newly enhanced HI-RES platform.

The May 12th release of Resonate HI-RES is a significant milestone, not only for Resonate but also for brand marketers, political campaigns and advocacy organizations, who can now gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what really makes their customers, voters or advocates tick (some folks call this ‘increased audience intimacy’)—and then activate based on that intelligence.

“In the days, weeks, and months leading up to this release, we saw everyone on the team step up to become knowledgeable doers, instead of being dependent on a few experts to do their work for them,” said Chris Harbert, Director of Information Quality at Resonate.

The result of all of this hard work is Resonate HI-RES, the powerful new version of our intelligence-to-activation platform that allows you to combine your own first-party data with Resonate’s proprietary, best-in-class data on consumer motivations, values, purchase behavior, media consumption and demographics. Using this enhanced version of the platform, you can now gain the most complete and in-depth ‘high resolution’ understanding of consumers, based on the underlying attributes that reveal why they make the decisions that they make.

“A leading global computer brand recently leveraged our software to gain a deeper understanding of customers who use their tablet-laptop hybrid for work vs. play,” said Joel Pulliam, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Resonate. “Our customer tagged their online purchase funnel and blended that data with our proprietary insights to reveal distinct, in-depth profiles of consumers who viewed the device for business vs. personal use. The customer leveraged this intelligence to more effectively engage buyers with precise segmentation and relevant messaging across all marketing channels.”

So what makes Resonate HI-RES unique? 

First and foremost, we now make it easier than ever for you to understand your current consumers at a much deeper level and then activate against them. You can now get personalized, high-resolution intelligence—called Resonate Custom Insights—on your audience by merging your first-party data with Resonate’s in three ways:

  • Tags: Place Resonate Tags (or pixels) on your web pages, emails and digital media, so that you can append thousands of attributes to your web traffic, shedding new light on who your audience is—and is not
  • First-Party Data Onboarding: Onboard your CRM, email database or other audience files into the Resonate platform to produce high-resolution insights against your existing audience
  • Custom Questions: Gain wisdom into any topic or validate new opportunities by asking specific questions in our online survey – the largest of its kind in the US

“You can now take an audience that you’ve observed and compare that to an audience that you create directly in the platform to understand those people from a syndicated research standpoint,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO at Resonate. “From there you can then compare that data to the real world interactions that you are having with your customers and prospects.”

Overall ease of use is another improvement to the new release.  It now takes 75% fewer clicks to get to insights in the platform compared to previous version. “We streamlined and consolidated the different ways to analyze data within the platform to make it easier and more powerful for marketers to use,” said Christian Bonilla, Senior Product Manager at Resonate. “These enhancements allow marketers to ask more precise questions of the data more easily and can then activate against that data.”

This means that there is greater cohesion between everything that you can do in the platform including:

  • Filtering and switching between audience attributes
  • Being able to export data out of the platform in a consistent way
  • Having everything on one screen and in one place to work with
  • No longer needing to save an analysis before can you get insights

Resonate HI-RES is built on a single, integrated platform that combines the largest syndicated consumer market research in the US, analyses of more than 1 billion daily online consumer behavior events, advanced data science and digital media activation. Now more than ever the platform combines intelligence and activation in one platform.