[INFOGRAPHIC] Unlock Unparalleled First-Party Insights in Record Time with Direct Data Onboarding

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When activated well, insights from your first-party data result in more meaningful engagement and more powerful results. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some of the biggest, most frustrating challenges with the data onboarding process include complex manual processes, long turnaround times, ambiguous match rates, and less control of your first-party data. At Resonate, we just launched Direct Data Onboarding, an alternative solution that leads to faster processing time, higher match rates, and high-value, individual-level insights.

Unlock Unparalleled First-Party Insights in Record Time

Resonate’s Direct Data Onboarding is the only Insights to Activation solution for understanding the humans behind your first-party data with unparalleled precision and speed. The AI-powered Resonate Ignite Platform unlocks the hidden potential of your first-party data with richer, faster insights into YOUR customers and prospects. By onboarding your audiences to the Resonate Ignite Platform, you get over 14,000 meaningful insights and targeting attributes on those consumers at the individual level and can activate your audiences directly across digital channels.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about what makes this a game-changer for data-driven organizations.

How Resonate direct data onboarding works

Data onboarding acquisition, retention, and upselling benefits

Download the full infographic here.

Go from Insights to Activation Faster with Resonate 

At Resonate, we understand the immeasurable value of increasing speed to insights and action for today’s data-driven marketers. Our direct data onboarding solution is designed to not only provide a richer understanding of what matters most to your high-value audiences through signals outside your firewall, but:

  • Reduce dependency on slow and expensive research studies
  • Acquire new customers through more effective and personalized messaging & targeting
  • Reduce churn by understanding who is likely to switch and why
  • Increase customer lifetime value by finding the right upsell opportunities
  • Continuously report, monitor and optimize your strategic segments

Ready to put your data to work by breathing life into your first-party data? Talk to us to learn how our Direct Data Onboarding Solution can drive growth for your business.

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