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Wooing today’s consumer is harder than ever, and the last thing a brand wants is to see is high customer churn. Brands must stay relevant with dynamic consumer intelligence that allows them to know current and prospective customers on a deeper level. The Resonate Platform make those lasting connections for brands by continuously revealing the Human Element, which is a holistic understanding of a person that starts with what makes them the most human—their values and motivations.

Boost profits by 25% to 95%

by increasing customer retention by just 5%
—Bain & Co.

T. Rowe Price
  • Case Study:
    A financial services firm used Resonate to restructure their client segmentation
    T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm, wanted to develop a unique value proposition for one of its products that had experienced a dip in customer acquisition and retention. The firm tapped Resonate to improve its customer segmentation strategy for 1.4 million clients. Learn how the firm’s client and market insights team used the Resonate Platform to restructure customer segmentation and deepen their understanding of their clients with Resonate’s psychographic insights.

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