Swing states. Indies. Persuadables. Undecideds. They’re at the epicenter of your campaign strategy.  But only Resonate’s proprietary survey research, in-depth insights and ability to immediately target these audiences with precision and scale can provide a clear roadmap to victory.

Spotlight:  Michigan

Here are some exclusive, valuable insights from Resonate that shed important light on what really moves voters in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Fact #1: Voters care about job, education, and entitlement programs.
Michigan voters are 9% more likely than the average U.S. voter to be concerned with job creation and education policy as top platforms and 7% are concerned about entitlement policy.  Immigration policy is not as much of a priority with voters being 15% less likely to focus on it.

Michigan Fact #2: The vast majority of voters are supportive or persuadable of decriminalizing recreational marijuana use.
The vast majority of voters are supportive of or persuadable on decriminalizing recreational marijuana use. 40% of Michigan voters support the legalization of marijuana for general recreational use, while just 26% oppose it. The remaining 34% consider themselves persuadable.

Michigan Fact #3: LGBT rights are important to voters.
Michigan voters are 6% more likely than the average U.S. voter to be involved with LGBT issues. More people are engaged in LGBT issues than are engaged in gun control, human rights, or civil liberties.

Michigan Fact #4: Domestic and environmental threats are greatest concern to voters.
While Michigan voters are 2% less likely than the average U.S. voter to view terrorist groups as the biggest threat to the U.S, a large percentage of people in Michigan view domestic threats such as the economy (20%) and environmental threats such as climate change (17%) as large concerns.

Pro Tip: When developing state-level message and targeting strategy, be mindful of geo differences, down to the Congressional district level.

For example, while the statewide population of Michigan is more likely to consider environmental threats a great concern to the USA, congressional districts 1, 2, 6, 10, and 11 are actually less likely to view environmental threats as a great concern.

Resonate data like the examples above can be quickly activated for digital media targeting and informing both online and offline creative strategy.  Targeting voters based on values and the issues they care most passionately drive the most efficient and impactful mobilization.

All data is based on Resonate’s survey of 3,631 Michigan Voters, April 2016