Over the last couple of weeks, Father’s Day wares have taken over the storefronts.  Figuring out the right gift for dad can be tricky when overwhelmed with so many choices. So what would Dad most appreciate? Resonate took a look at the data to figure out the answer. It turns out, what he values depends not only on his age, but also that of his children.

Father's Day

Younger Dads are more concerned about their image as they begin to establish themselves at home and in the workplace. They also love products that are the next big thing – get him cool home-tech gear like the Wemo or nice threads.

Older Dads tend to view their family’s well-being as their main priority. He’ll love anything that shows his kids’ appreciation, such as a homemade batch of cookies. Or help him stay connected with a family mobile phone plan.

Empty Nesters most value having control and their personal freedom. Afterall, they’ve done their job, and they can shift their priorities back to themselves. Treat him to a round of golf or a relaxing vacation.