March is Women’s History month. To honor this important event Resonate is publishing a series of blog posts featuring several of the women here at Resonate. We spoke with them about a variety of topics related to their lives and careers.  Each article in this series will highlight a theme that emerged from those conversations.

Why Resonate? While it was an open-ended question, it became clear that Resonate is a company where women feel empowered in their various roles. They identified the company’s start-up mentality and mission as the major reasons for why they chose to come to Resonate– and also why they choose to stay. Whether employees have been here for six years or six days, they all touched on the fact that they are constantly being provided with opportunities to learn and grow in their careers at Resonate and are helping to build something special.

Resonate is working to solve the problem of marrying consumer intelligence with activation —a fact that wasn’t lost on any of the women when interviewed for positions here. Recent hire Jennifer Flynn, Resonate’s Director of Product Marketing, identified the fact that we’re “solving a really interesting problem in a way that is a combination of old school and new school methods.” She feels that Resonate is doing something that no one else in the market is doing, and that poses an interesting challenge to each employee.

Laura Lewellyn, Resonate’s Director of Research, who had known about Resonate for several years before joining the company, was also always impressed with how Resonate combines the survey research with advanced analytics and activation. She considers the product “revolutionary;” the first time she saw a demo of the platform her jaw dropped because “it’s so powerful and changes the way that researchers can approach their work.” After seeing the demo she knew she needed to be a part of helping grow the company further.

“The opportunity to help to grow the company,” was also the reason Bijal Soni, Resonate’s Director of Analytics and Data Strategy, chose to come to Resonate. She highlighted the fact that she chose Resonate five years ago because she wouldn’t be a “small fish in a big pond” here. After having worked at large companies, being given a lot of high visibility tasks at Resonate since day one continues to provide her with unique challenges that make her feel excited to come to work every day.

Deb Correa, Resonate’s VP of Client Services, echoed this feeling and noted that “when you come to a start-up company early on, you have a real sense of building something with your hands.” As Resonate has changed and grown over the years, she hasn’t lost that connection with the company’s early years and how she’s helped it grow.

Estelle Peterson, a Team Lead on Resonate’s Engineering team, also appreciates that sense of growing and building something. Having also come to Resonate after working with several large companies, she said that over the last three years she’s enjoyed having more ownership over growing and developing the engineering team. Like Deb, Estelle loves the rewarding feeling of seeing how far the team and the company have come during her tenure.

Resonate embraces the idea that the impossible can be made possible –a mentality that was also very attractive to women considering jobs at ResonateTatyana Yanush, Resonate’s Director of Business Solutions, identified this as a mantra that she applies to her job every day and to the various systems she’s put in place at the company over the yearsJulie McGoldrick, Resonate’s Director of Human Resources, agreed, noting that the “can-do” mentality of everyone at the company inspires her every day.

Female employees on the front lines with our clients also identified this positive mentality as a reason why we’ve been successful as a company thus far. Mary Long, Resonate’s Executive Director of Client Solutions, noted that “whatever we as a company need to do for a client, we make it happen.” Answering ‘no’ is never an option for our employees, and that makes it easier to work together on achieving the overall company goals. While the problem the company is solving can be challenging, the work is considered very rewarding. This motivates everyone to come to work and continue to push the company forward every day.

Resonate’s company culture and people were identified by everyone as the most important aspect of what makes Resonate a special place to work. Getting the company to where it is today has required a unique group of talented people every step of the way. In our next post we’ll highlight some favorite Resonate memories.  Stay tuned!