1903 Survey Wave – Restaurants and Alcohol

1903 Survey Release

Big news! The latest survey wave, 1903, has been released into the platform. We surveyed 18,000 consumers about restaurants and alcohol. There are now 142 new values across 25 attributes on restaurants and 105 new values across 14 attributes on alcohol.

A good portion of this new survey data is dedicated to new restaurants, particularly ones focused on the concept of Eat & Play, which includes restaurants like Chuckie Cheese, Topgolf and Dave & Buster’s, where diners can eat and participate in activities at the same place. This was done in an effort to gain a better understanding of the restaurant industry as a whole.

When it came to alcohol, selection considerations and deeper insights on wine were added to the platform and new questions were asked about how legalized weed is affecting the alcohol industry. One surprising find from this addition? Marijuana is not a competitor to alcohol, as some might think. In fact, a lot of people who have smoked in the last three months are also drinking more.

The below is an audience of people who have smoked weed in the last 3 months who have also consumed alcohol in the last 3 months:

Alcohol Trends

Our next survey wave, 1904, was focused on technology and telecom and it will be available in the platform in early October.

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