Featured in the CMO Convo Podcast: Are CMOs and CEOs aligned on the use of AI?

These days, everyone has an opinion on how AI should be used in marketing. In order to capitalize on the promise of this revolutionary technology, it’s imperative that the C-suite is aligned. That’s why Bryan Gernert and Ericka McCoy, CEO and CMO of Resonate, respectively, are actively educating the marketplace on what that alignment needs to look like.

When it comes to adopting new AI-driven marketing technologies, how do you measure success? What kind of training is needed? And how do you deal with concerns? These are the questions that can paralyze an organization. CEOs might have certain expectations on its usage, and it’s important for CMOs to be aligned with their approach as marketing leaders.

In this thought-provoking Data-Driven Podcast episode with Will Whitham, Bryan and Ericka discuss emerging AI capabilities for marketers as well as real-world strategies for getting aligned internally and moving projects forward. If you’re looking to position your organization for growth in an AI-driven marketing world, this podcast is a must-listen!

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