Will Chevy’s New Tagline “Together Let’s Drive” Open New Roads?

When you think Chevrolet, you probably envision a rough-and-tumble truck conquering rugged mountain roads and splashing through muddy creek while a raspy voice over says the slogan “Find New Roads.”

For a decade, that’s defined the Chevy customer and the advertising that appealed to them. Straightforward. Independent. Adventurous. No fluff.

But Chevy is now opening up their own new roads. They’ve debuted a new tagline, “Together Let’s Drive,” which still embraces the images of trucks driving into an wooded golden hour vista, but adds in a warmer, more human-driven touch. 

Chevrolet Marketing VP Steve Majoros told Ad Age that the new tagline is an effort to build bridges with those who are frustrated with the depiction of a lack of unity in this country. He said that he knows many people feel that the division isn’t representative of what they know in their own families and communities. They believe there’s more togetherness than divide, and Chevrolet sees their vehicles as a literal vehicle to bring people together, whether that’s going to the beach, visiting loved ones, or taking a trip to the countryside. Chevy’s previous positioning as a vehicle to explore adventure and the outdoors has now taken a more domestic, relationship-driven spin.

To determine whether this new tagline will open new roads with new audiences, we looked at two segments within our AI-powered data: current Chevy Drivers (red) and Chevy Curious Drivers (teal), who are considering purchasing or leasing a Chevrolet in the next six months. With this campaign, Chevrolet will want to focus on those who might be new to their customer base.

Chevy Curious Drivers Embrace Tolerance

So much of the dialogue around unity and division comes from not accepting others, but Chevy Curious Drivers are actually more likely than the average American to consider tolerance, or the acceptance of those who are different, as one of their top values. “Together Let’s Drive” is going to immediately hit them with the “together.”

Chevy Curious Drivers Value Equality

Chevy Curious Drivers are 49% more likely than the average American to value equality and treating everyone equally through social justice initiatives. The idea of togetherness and the diversity shown within the first ad spot released will resonate with this group, allowing them to see themselves and those they care about in Chevy’s target audience. Previously, someone who didn’t identify with the more outdoorsy archetype might not feel like they could find new roads with Chevrolet.

Bipartisanship is a Top Priority for Chevy Curious Drivers

The tagline “Together Let’s Drive” is a direct result of Chevrolet tapping into the frustration with division, so it’s no surprise that Chevy Curious Drivers are 42% more likely than the average American to consider bipartisanship and cooperation within the government as a top priority. These drivers want to see people together, whether it’s on the roads or in everyday life.

Chevy Curious Drivers Are More Likely to Travel

The previous Chevrolet ads nearly always focused on off-roading through rugged terrain. Now, the ads show a more multi-faceted approach to driving a Chevy. With Chevy Curious Drivers likely to plan leisure travel, they’ll identify with these images of groups exploring a diverse range of places, together.

Plus, 50% of these Chevy Curious Drivers are likely to have a road trip planned in the next twelve months. When you look at the multiple car trips depicted in the new ad, with happy groups hitting the beach, driving into the city, and exploring the countryside, a Chevy becomes part of that vision.

Where Should Chevy Intersect With These Drivers?

The most critical part of advertising is, of course, getting the new messaging out there. For Chevrolet to make a splash with the new “Together Let’s Drive” tagline, they’ll need to reach the right audience on the right platform. According to Resonate’s AI-powered data, which is actionable across 2 billion devices, both of these groups have heavy social media use, and Facebook is the right place to reach them.

Want to learn more about how Resonate has access to these powerful, recent insights? Learn more rAI, our groundbreaking AI modeling infrastructure, here.

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