Data-driven Insights for Gubernatorial Campaigns

While the control of Congress has been the central conversation heading into the 2022 Midterms, there are also 36 gubernatorial elections that will take place next year.

We’re coming off the heels of a big Republican upset in Virginia and a too close for comfort gubernatorial race for New Jersey Democrats. So if 2021 is any indicator, the 2022 gubernatorials should provide their fair share of drama and surprise.

For gubernatorial campaigns in particular, deep individual-level voter insights and micro-targeting is critical. Why? Because we know that just rallying the statewide base even if you’re running in a friendly red/blue state where victory should be inevitable, is just not enough.

Take Massachusetts for example. Massachusetts hasn’t sent a Republican to the U.S. House of Representatives since 1997, although the state has elected a Republican governor in back-back elections and Governor Baker has consistently been one of the most popular governors in the country since his early days in office.

It’s not just Massachusetts where we see this happen. When voters select their home state’s chief executive, they’re make that selection based on values and motivations that go far beyond political party affiliation.

The Resonate Difference

The Resonate Ignite Platform specializes in fast, deep understanding and targeting of local, niche voter audiences to sway and win close elections. Our survey-based, AI-enhanced methodology not only captures and targets 90% of the electorate online, but provides thousands of critical insights down to the individual voter, including voting history (e.g., likeness to vote in 2022), personal values, motivations, and core policy and political drivers.

The scale of Resonate data, combined with the ability to turn insights into action immediately, allows campaigns to reach the right voters, with the right message, for more effective use of their ad spend.

Let’s look at one such niche voter audience in a state that promises an ultra-competitive gubernatorial race next year.

Win the Middle: Arizona Swing Voters

The Arizona gubernatorial is being forecasted as the most competitive gubernatorial race in 2022. Given Arizona’s election history and reputation as a swing state, campaigns will need to be able to consistently identify and track the state’s swing voters who are likely going to vote in the gubernatorial.

Resonate’s first party data identified roughly 529k registered voters online in Arizona who will likely vote in the 2022 gubernatorial race and have been swing voters in recent elections.

The swing voters who will vote in the AZ gubernatorial election, when compared to just your average registered Arizona voter, most value accepting those who are different, their family and friends, and being trustworthy. This is a more religious group of voters who are also psychology driven by getting respect from others. Armed with this data, campaigns can be more thoughtful with their messaging and imagery strategy across their digital channels.

When it comes to the issues, two top issues areas set these swing voters apart from your average registered voter in Arizona: controlling illegal immigration and the price of prescription medications.

Other decisive issues for these voters are education and climate change.

Considering the last statewide election in Arizona – the 2020 Senate election – was decided by roughly 79k votes, this audience of more than half a million Arizona swing voters will be absolutely critical to gaining victory.

Through Resonate, campaigns can quickly understand the most effective tone to capture and break through to any desired voting audience, in addition to things like the core policy issues that set them apart.  In the case of Arizona 2022 gubernatorial swing voters, its  trustworthiness, reliability, illegal immigration and affordable access to prescription medications.

The same methodology that drives our research also powers our segmentation for online targeting. Any audience we build for analysis , we can target across all digital screens and programmatic channels using our singular, consistent first party data sets for personalized messaging that scales.

The segments analyzed above are just a few of the thousands of micro-segmented 2022 voter audiences that we can help you analyze and target immediately.

What are your top issues? What audiences sympathetic to your cause do you need to reach, educate and/or drive to action? Where do you need to build support?

We are here to help. Request a demo or give us a call at 855.855.4320.

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